Modern Family Recap: Andrea Martin Guest Stars in "White Christmas"

Modern Family Recap: Andrea Martin Guest Stars in "White Christmas"

Here's the Modern Family Recap of Season 7 Episode 9 "White Christmas" (Original Air Date December 9th 2015).  In hopes of the perfect white Christmas she never had in Colombia, Gloria rents a cabin in the mountains for the whole family, including Andy (guest star Andy DeVine), to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately when they get there, it’s anything but; with unseasonably hot weather and a random unwelcomed guest (guest star Andrea Martin), the family is in for an interesting holiday celebration!

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Fig Wilson is Alex's Ghost of Christmas Future
After sympathizing with the family guest Fig Wilson (Guest Star Andrea Martin), Alex realizes that she just met her ghost of Christmas Future.  Alex wants to change her attitude around the family before she is left out on future family trips.



Andy Breaks Up with Beth after Being Caught
Andy and Haley can't resist the urge of hooking up in the cabin.  Andy finds the key to the one locked room.  When they get too noisey in the room, everyone comes to invistigate what's in the locked room.  Behind the closed door they find Haley and Andy putting their clothes back on.   Andy finds out Beth (Guest Star Laura Ashley Samuels) has been cheating on him and calls off their engagement.  The door is now open for Andy and Haley to become a couple.  Will they start their relationship?



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Mitch and Cam Practice Singing "Silent Night"

In order to make up for their embarrassing performance last year, Mitch and Cam have been practicing their singing voices.  When Lily wants to join them in singing, Mitchell and Cam decide to distract her with a gift instead.



Gloria Puts an End to the Colombian Christmas and Gets a White Christmas
Gloria puts an end to the Colombian Christmas and demands her White Christmas.  Gloria wants everyone to stop arguing and realize how fortunate they are.


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