The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 10 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 10 of Shark Tank

A husband and wife from Austin, Texas, "slice up" a new way to eat your favorite flavor-packed condiment with their twist on traditional sauces this week on "Shark Tank." A mother-and-daughter team from San Francisco, California, asks the Sharks to help spread global love with their artisan-made designs inspired by the craftsmanship of each country. Afro-Latina sisters from Los Angeles, California, pitch the Sharks their vibrant beauty and lifestyle brand that celebrates their mutual love for their multicultural heritage, while a duo of entrepreneurs from Los Angeles, California, brings celebrating with champagne to the next level with their fun and less-mess product.

Barbara Corcoran
Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner
Kevin O'Leary
Alex Rodriguez

Slice of Sauce
Slice of Sauce transforms traditionally bottled condiments like Sriracha, Ketchup and more into mess-free slices to enhance sandwiches, burgers, and wraps.  It's flavor in a new form!

Love is Project
The Love is Project spreads the love with our collection of artisan-made LOVE bracelets from around the world. Our bracelets serve as a reminder to love and be loved. They make the perfect gift that gives back and suits every lifestyle. More than just a bracelet, Love Is Project creates jobs for over 2,000 female artisans in ten countries, supporting families, paying for school fees, and investing in additional income-generating projects. We give agency to our artisans to empower themselves, and each handmade bracelet is inspired by the culture and craftsmanship of their countries. In addition, Love Is Project donates a portion of profits to several non-profit organizations. Celebrate diversity and share what love means to you. LOVE connects us all!

Luna Magic
LUNA MAGIC is a beauty & lifestyle company founded by sister duo Mabel and Shaira Frías. With Luna Magic, The Frías Sisters are on a mission to offer customers great quality cosmetics at great prices—all with a vibrant Latin flair!

Bubbly Blaster
The Bubbly Blaster attaches to any champagne bottle, turning it into a long-lasting champers cannon - a way to spray champagne that makes it even more fun and with less mess!  It can be used one-handed and is very controllable and efficient due to our pressure sensitive trigger, allowing for up-close, accurate streams, or for long-distance shots up to 30 feet away! The Bubbly Blaster even works as an airtight bottle stopper when you're not using it, preserving your champagne to be enjoyed later on.  It's also complete with an accessory port to attach our universal video mount and phone cradle, so you can capture your wild Blaster adventures firsthand. Time to start blasting!

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