Shark Tank Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Shark Tank Holiday Gift Guide For Him

The guys on your list probably don't need any more ties or socks. They want something unique, something cool and something they'll actually use, just the type of products Shark Tank has helped bring to the Average (and Not So Average) Joe for six seasons.

Beatbox Beverages: Have boxed wine delivered to your door! Just $49.98 for a "Shark Tank Party Pack." More info:

Watch Mark Cuban make a million-dollar deal with the Beatbox Beverages team before the other Sharks can even make an offer.

Liddup: Why didn’t someone think of this before? A cooler with interior LED lighting. A must-have for tailgaiting, camping, BBQs and more. More info:

Grill Charms: Keep track of individual orders when you're grilling with these stainless steel tags that identify different cooking specifications. Label those steaks as rare, medium, or as different spices or flavors. A six-piece set starts at $10.89 on Amazon. More info:

Bottle Breacher: These bottle openers made from .50-cal bullets are in such high demand, they won’t be able to ship by Christmas, but you can still buy a gift certificate for your favorite wine and ammo-loving dude. More info:

Watch a former Navy SEAL make a deal for Bottle Breacher on Shark Tank's Season 6 episode, "Week 7: Veterans Small Business Week."

Hydromax: The first hydration system specifically designed for full-contact sports like football, lacrosse and soccer that lets you keep playing without stopping to rehydrate.

Grinds: A more palatable alternative to chewing tobacco that’s made from ground coffee and comes in Cinnamon Roll, Mint Chocolate, Mocha, Peppermint, and Vanilla.

ShellBobbers: The fishermen in your life will love ShellBobbers, a shotgun shell converted into a fishing bobber. The company has now expanded to more products as part of their FishingAmmo brand. More info:

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