Great Dane

Dog Biography

Try looking at Bones without smiling or laughing. This Great Dane stops traffic, from the floppy uncontrollable ears to that one of-a-kind tongue!

Rescued by Erika Calle from One Dane at a Time, Bones was found wandering the streets of Mexico in an emaciated state, with a severely fractured and infected jaw. Once he was evaluated, Erika was given the bad news that his case was too far gone, and the most humane thing would be to not let him suffer anymore. Devastated with this news, Erika woke up to an early morning call from the surgeon himself. He said that everyone at the hospital had fallen in love with this young and playful dog and that they couldn't stand the thought of him not getting a well-deserved chance. So, the surgeon explained that he was "willing to give it a shot" and although there were "no guarantees" he would be willing to perform this lifesaving surgery. The  outcome was nothing short of miraculous. Bones' life was saved. Through it all, he remained a SUPER happy and carefree boy, never EVER complaining or realizing just how bad things were for him.

Now living happily with foster mom Erika, you would never know that Bones has had his lower jaw removed. With his signature overbite, he lifts the spirits  of everyone he meets–charming everyone from the  baristas at Starbucks (Puppuccino please!), to his senior citizen friends at the local park.

Bones has expansive, expressive ears that have a mind and character of their own. They flap and move in separate directions and are never, ever in sync. It is not uncommon for the right ear to flap over and sit right on top of his head.

Erika says that Bones' determination and will to live has taught her to be grateful for all the things we routinely take for granted. This dog simply loves life.

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Great Dane

1.5 years


70 lbs.


Tehachapi, CA


- He's one of the smallest Great Danes you will ever see.
- He loves to sneak into the closet to steal socks and hide them all over the house.
- He has Heterochromia, which is the scientific term for eyes that are two different colors.

His favorite toy is whatever toy the dog next to him is playing with!

He loves to eat and especially enjoys soft foods—everything from from roasted squash to string cheese.

It's all about jumping as high as he can. He can jump 8ft in the air!


Bones is an exuberant boy! He was given a second lease on life and he KNOWS it! He is living every day to the MAX! 

Bones' ideal home would be an active one. He LOVES to run and play and gets along with ALL dogs. He has not been tested with cats and he would do well around older children due to his jumping tendencies. THIS BOY IS SPRING-LOADED! HA 

Bones is neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped, housebroken and crate trained. He LOVES car rides and always up for an adventure. He does better on a harness than a leash and he's a very quick learner. 

Due to Bones not having a lower jaw, all prospective adopters should know that his food needs to be pulverized and have water added to achieve a "Cream of Wheat" consistency.

He will also need yearly follow-ups with his oral surgeon and possible yearly CT Scans to confirm that the deep rooted infection, that almost cost him his life, doesn't return with a vengeance. 

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Lots of love, time and money went into getting this boy where he is today, so we hope that whoever adopts him knows just how special he is.