The Bachelor 2016 Finale Recap: Ben Higgins Chooses Lauren B. as the Winner

The Bachelor 2016 Finale Recap: Ben Higgins Chooses Lauren B. as the Winner

Ben Higgins' journey to find love on The Bachelor came to an end last night when he made his choice on the dramatic Bachelor Season 20 finale. After telling two women he was in love with them, Ben ultimately picked the woman he wants to spend his life with. Who did Ben pick as the Bachelor winnerJoJo or Lauren B.? See how it all went down in The Bachelor 2016 finale recap below:

Torn between the two women he loves, Ben brings both to meet his parents. First up: Lauren B. Lauren makes a lasting first impression on Ben's parents, especially his father. A nervous JoJo also meets Ben's parents. She tells Ben's father that Ben meets all of her expectations for a future husband. JoJo wins over Ben's mother when she expresses that Ben is too hard on himself.

Ben's final dates with both women don't go according to plan. When Lauren B. notices that he is emotionally distant, he admits he's confused. She tells Ben that she is ready to spend her life with him. On his final date with JoJo, he drops the bombshell on her and admits he loves Lauren B., too. 

On the final day, Ben seems as confused and uncertain as ever. While it looks as though he may not be able to choose between the two women, he listens to his heart and ends up making his choice. But first, he must say goodbye to JoJo. He loves her… but he loves Lauren B. more. JoJo arrives at the final rose ceremony and is heartbroken when Ben breaks the bad news to her

With the hard part over, it's nothing but up for Ben. Before his lady arrives, Ben makes a call to Lauren's father to express his love and ask for her hand in marriage. Lauren’s father happily gives his blessing. When she arrives, he not only professes his love for her, but Ben gets down on one knee and asks Lauren to marry him. She happily accepts his proposal – and the final rose. 

Ben and Lauren are engaged! Watch the proposal below:

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An all-new season of The Bachelorette premieres MONDAY, MAY 23 on ABC.


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