The Bachelor Women Tell All 2016 Recap: Ben Higgins Is in the Hot Seat

The Bachelor Women Tell All 2016 Recap: Ben Higgins Is in the Hot Seat

Can we talk? Buckle up, Bachelor Nation. It’s time for the recap for The Bachelor Season 20, Episode 11 “The Women Tell All.” As Ben wrestles with the biggest decision of his life, Olivia, Caila, Jubilee, Lace and more return to tell tales of heartache and engage in a few more heated exchanges. What did they have to say? Let’s find out as The Women Tell All!

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Olivia Apologizes: When Olivia is in the hot seat, the other contestants confront her about her actions while on the show. Olivia apologizes to Amanda, as well as any others she's offended, about the things she said.

The Bachelor Confronted: When Ben is in the hot seat, he fields questions from the women he said goodbye to, including Caila, Leah and Jubilee.

Caila Opens Up: Chris Harrison asks Caila about her experience and she opens up about her heartbreak over Ben. She reveals that it's really hard for her to watch back the footage from the show... and that she misses him.

Jubilee Feels Attacked: Jubilee feels like she was very misunderstood by the women in the house. While clearing the air, Amber and Jami take the opportunity to address a statement made by Jubilee.

Lace Will Be Back!: Lace opens up about her exit and what her life is like after the show. When Chris Harrison invites her to join Bachelor in Paradise, she accepts the invitation.

Bachelor Bloopers: Everything you didn't (and probably shouldn't) see. Enjoy these crazy bloopers and outtakes from the 2016 season of The Bachelor.

Get the full scoop on Week 10 of The Bachelor and watch the full episode right here. Who will Ben choose as his journey to love nears an end? Will it be JoJo or Lauren B?

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There’s only one way to find out who will win Ben's heart. Watch the Season 20 Finale of The Bachelor MONDAY 8|7c on ABC! Need Bachelor spoilers before then? Watch a sneak peek of the dramatic season finale of The Bachelor here.


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