The Bachelor Spoilers: Ben Higgins Picks the Final 3 After Hometown Dates

The Bachelor Spoilers: Ben Higgins Picks the Final 3 After Hometown Dates

What happened on The Bachelor last night? Buckle up! It’s time for The Bachelor recap for Season 20, Episode 9. Warning: Bachelor 2016 spoilers ahead! Ben is headed to the hometowns of all his remaining ladies. That means it’s time to meet the families! Check out all the highlights from Week 8 of The Bachelor 2016!

WATCH: Week 9 of The Bachelor, Ben Goes on Hometown Dates

Family Fun at the Beach: Ben heads to beautiful Laguna Beach, California to meet Amanda’s family. There’s some smooching on the sand before a sweet, tear-filled reunion between mother and daughters. Before we find out if Ben is ready for fatherhood, let’s take a look at how the Bachelor does when he shifts into instant dad-mode:

The City of Roses (Perfect for The Bachelor, Right?): Ben heads to Portland, Oregon to meet up with Lauren B. who admits that she’s already in love with him, though not to Ben. Let’s see how the family meeting went before she made the decision to not say those three magic words.

Not Feeling the Love: Don’t worry, Lauren B, Caila couldn’t cough up an “I love you” admission either. Take a look:

Will You Accept These Roses?: JoJo is caught off guard when she receives a vase full of roses from her ex just moments before Ben arrives. The Bachelor is also caught off guard when JoJo answers the front door in tears. It seems she has some explaining to do!

Oh, Brothers: If you think Ben is going to get that elusive “I love you” from JoJo’s brothers, please think again.

Back to the Beach: After a heartbreaking Rose Ceremony, Ben sends one of the four remaining ladies back home to her family. See the emotional goodbye.

Get the full scoop on Week 8 of The Bachelor and watch the full episode right here.

Who will Ben send home after some time in Jamaica? Sound off in the comments section below. We’ll find out on the next all-new episode of The Bachelor MONDAY 8|7c on ABC. In the meantime, check out this sneak peek!

Roses Received



Lauren B.

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