The Bachelor 2017 Week 2 Recap: Corinne Goes Topless For Nick

The Bachelor 2017 Week 2 Recap: Corinne Goes Topless For Nick

Nick Viall's The Bachelor 2017 journey is in full swing! The drama heated up in Week 2 as Nick continued his search for love with the 22 remaining beautiful Bachelor contestants. Anxiety was in the air as Liz struggled to keep the tumultuous secret about her romantic past with the Bachelor. Twelve other women got a glimpse into their fantasy future with Nick in a wedding-themed photo shoot while a lucky bachelorette snagged the first one-on-one date of the season. Then six women acted out dramatic and sometimes funny "break-ups" with Nick at Los Angeles' Museum of Broken Relationships. Things came to a startling halt when Liz exposed her secret in a unique way. Will one night of passion in the past derail Nick's chances at a happily ever after from the start? Here's your recap of the hot happenings from The Bachelor Season 21, Episode 2.

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Indecent Exposure: What could be more appropriate than taking wedding photos on the first date? The 12 women selected dress in a variety of wedding looks for their "special day" with Nick at the Ascona Mansion in Los Angeles. Brittany's forced topless turn for the Adam & Eve themed affair intimidates Corinne. So of course, during her beach-themed shoot, Corinne seizes the opportunity to take things to the next level stripping in front of the Bachelor and directing his hands to be in the most scandalous of places. Her aggressiveness continues at the after party, where she constantly interrupts Nick's alone time with the ladies. To the other women's dismay, Corinne's assertiveness seems to be paying off the Bachelor. 

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Liz's Confession: Liz can't hold the secret of the tryst at Jade and Tanner's wedding in any longer and spills the beans in GREAT detail to Christen, who is more than shocked by this revelation. Liz needs to have a conversation with Nick as soon as possible.

A Dream One-On-One: Danielle M. is the lucky woman who gets the first one-on-one date of the season. Nick takes Danielle to an awaiting yacht off Newport Beach, where they share some sexy hot-tub time and then a romantic dinner on Balboa Island. Danielle, humble and sweet, is particularly vulnerable to the details of her heartbreaking past. Nick makes her feel comfortable enough to share five years ago her fiance overdosed on drugs and passed away.

We Need To Talk: Hollywood's "Museum of Broken Relationships" plays host to six women for a group date, who decide how they would "break up" with Nick. Liz's "break up" routine seems different and WAY too real. Her raw delivery causes the other women to get suspicious about what is really going with her. Nick is caught off guard by the situation and questions her intentions for coming on to the show. At the after party, Nick learns that his secret is starting to come out and he has to make some drastic, stunning decisions to save his major opportunity to find love. The Bachelor decides to call Liz out on her motivations. She had every opportunity to get a hold of him over the past couple months and never tried. They have mutual friends. Liz gives excuses for not contacting him but the more he talks to her the less she makes sense. Nick ultimately decides the two of them don't have a future and sends her home. Saying goodbye to Liz proves to be an easy task compared to the thought of having to confess his Liz secret to the remaining women. 

How will the bachelorettes take Nick's news? Don't miss a second of The Bachelor Season 21 and Nick's journey to find his soulmate MONDAY 8|7c on ABC!

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