The Bachelor 2019 Finale Part 2 Recap: Who Did Colton Pick?

The Bachelor 2019 Finale Part 2 Recap: Who Did Colton Pick?

We'll say this for Bachelor Colton Underwood: He sure knows how to get creative. Not in the history of The Bachelor have we seen a Bachelor whittle down his available pool of bachelorettes to zero with more episodes left to watch. But after breaking up with Tayshia and then Hannah G in Part 1 of the Season Finale, that's exactly the predicament Colton found himself up against. Colton knows he wants Cassie, and he's done all this for a chance to get her back. Will it work? If you want to watch the full episode to get the full context, you can watch The Bachelor season 23, Finale Part 2 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for highlights and spoilers to find out what happened when Colton went after Cassie on The Bachelor 2019!

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Knocking on the Door

We left off with Colton knocking on a door, and tonight we learned that it was indeed Cassie's. He gets to the point when he talks to her, saying that he hated the way things ended and wanted to give their relationship another chance. To prove he's not messing around, he tells Cassie he broke up with Tayshia and Hannah G, making Cassie—if she'll take him—the only possibly viable bachelorette on the show:

Cassie is stunned. Cassie is confused. She isn't ready to give Colton everything he wants—marriage, children—immediately, and that's why she left. Colton says he doesn't care, he just wants her. He reiterates that it doesn't have to be engagement at the end of the road, just the promise of giving their relationship a chance, at whatever pace it requires. She says okay.

Into the Deep End

Now that these two have decided to give dating a try, and to take it nice and slow, naturally, it's time to meet Colton's family in Mallorca, Spain. Basically only Colton is excited about this: After Colton tells his family that the only woman left already dumped him once, they're predictably skeptical about this and worried about him getting his heart broken. Cassie is having a rough time with it too, worried that Colton's family might, I don't know, take her for the type that would dump Colton just before Fantasy Suites. (Hypothetically, of course.) Colton smiles his way through all of it, promising everyone that it's going to be amazing and wonderful and everyone will love everyone. (This optimistic Colton must have been taking a nap the night Colton jumped a fence and ran into the Portuguese countryside.)

Cassie struggles a bit to explain how and why she left, but she does make it clear that she's conflicted. The family doesn't love that one.

Colton's father is worried his son has painted himself into a corner:

Colton's mom certainly hits it head on, as she IMMEDIATELY asks Cassie why she "bailed" when they get alone time. Cassie struggles through it, and Colton's dad is pretty tough on both Cassie and Colton as well, but ultimately, no one cries and no one flees into the Spanish countryside, so...victory!

Date Night

The last time Cassie and Colton had a day together Colton spent the night alone in the woods, but luckily their do-over was much smoother. They rappelled down some bluffs on the coast, then had a picnic, then a nice dinner—a rather typical Bachelor 1-on-1, which is something we haven't seen in quite a while. Cassie said that she's hesitant about relationships, because in the past she's had controlling partners that proved problematic for her. Colton assures her that won't be the case here, and that he wants his autonomy too, and that NO ONE can tell him to stop showering. (He might not have actually said that last part but you just know he was thinking it.)

Given all that, was Cassie in? Watch and see:

So after a little bit of a delay, and a change of country, it was time for Cassie to decide whether or not to accept Colton's invitation to the Fantasy Suite, and Cassie says yes before he can even finish asking. 

Colton Underwood Shower Watch 2019

We're back! And Colton is showering once again, washing the sweat from jumping fences and the dirt from wild Portuguese wolf hugs from his bemuscled body. Here's a question: Is this Colton's first shower as a non-virgin? Might as well get the answer from the man himself:

When they came out on stage for their first-ever public appearance as a couple, they looked happy. They're in love, they're taking it day by day, and they're considering their future. Sounds like a relationship all right! Chris Harrison pushed them on what happened in the Fantasy Suite, and here's Colton's answer:

Possibly frustrating, but definitely classy. 

The Next Bachelorette

That's right, folks: The next chapter has already begun. Chris Harrison announced that Hannah Brown will be the next Bachelorette! Here's her introduction:

And they already got things started for Season 15, as Hannah met five of the bachelors who will be vying for her heart this season. And to twist things even further, she handed out her first rose, meaning one of these men will show up to the Bachelor Mansion already knowing he's going to stick around beyond the first night:

And that, dear friends, is a wrap on Season 23 of The Bachelor. Chris Harrison wasn't joking—this really was the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history. Join us in May for the return of The Bachelorette on ABC!

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