The Bachelor 2020 Episode 4 Recap: Victoria F. Runs into Ex Chase Rice

The Bachelor 2020 Episode 4 Recap: Victoria F. Runs into Ex Chase Rice

After Bachelor Peter Weber sent home Alayah at the end of Week 3 of The Bachelor 2020, he was nervous. He instantly felt like maybe he'd made a mistake (though the other women in the house did not share his opinion there). This week, Peter got a chance to revisit the issue as Alayah just went ahead and showed up on a group date while the group was out in Cleveland. Why was she there? And what would she say to Peter? As you might imagine, there are SPOILERS BELOW, but you can watch the full episode of The Bachelor season 24, episode 4 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on to see why Alayah came back, and how it was received by Peter and the rest of the ladies. 

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Victoria F. Used to Date the Musical Guest

The Bachelor franchise has seen a lot of wild and unique moments over the years, but when Victoria F. goes on a one-on-one date with Peter, we're pretty sure we entered new territory. After a day of amusement park rides at Cedar Point, the two of them get to see a concert by country music star Chase Rice. They're put up on a little platform above the crowd, where they dance and Peter goes for a lot of kisses. Sounds fun—that is, assuming you're not Chase Rice's ex-girlfriend:

WATCH: Victoria F. tells Peter Weber their musical guest is her ex-boyfriend

On the bright side, that explains why Victoria maybe wasn't super into full-on making out with Peter during the concert WHILE HER EX WAS STARING AT THEM WHILE SINGING A SONG THAT MAY HAVE BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT HER FOR ALL WE KNOW. That had to be rough. Victoria is worried this is the end for them, but Peter says he respects her honesty. That's all he wanted—ultimately, she didn't do anything here other than date a guy once. She didn't book him on the show. Victoria wants to be here, and that's all Peter cares about. It's weird, sure, but it seems like the way Victoria handled it actually earned her some points in Peter's eyes. They kiss and make up, and she gets the date rose. 

The Bachelor Bowl 2020

Sure, there's some important football game coming in a week or so here, but let's focus on the REALLY important game: The Bachelor Bowl, a six-on-six contest where the winning team gets more time with Peter, and the losers go back to the hotel:

WATCH: The Bachelor Bowl in Cleveland

Instead of six ladies splitting all night with Peter, all 13 get to try to share his time (Victoria P. had a hurt back and couldn't play, but she went to the cocktail party too). Hmm, 13 ladies? That must be a typo, because 14 ladies actually end up spending time with Peter because...

Alayah Comes Back

That's right. As the ladies gripe about having to split Peter's time 13 ways, it gets worse as Alayah shows up. She grabs Peter and says she didn't like the way it ended. She says she and Victoria P. are best buds and went to Vegas together and she just can't believe ol' Vicki would play her like that. Victoria P. allows that they've been friendly, and confirms they went to Vegas together—which is enough to perhaps hint to Peter that maybe Alayah was telling the truth all along. Peter decides he has to undo the past:

WATCH: Peter Weber tells the ladies that Alayah is back

As you can imagine, the ladies don't love the idea that someone who wasn't even on the date—and definitely doesn't have a bunch of bumps and bruises from it—getting the date rose. Resentment is growing.

Alayah Quickly Gets Mixed Up In Drama

While Peter and Kelsey explore Cleveland (they have a great time, she gets a date rose), Victoria F. finds out that Alayah had internet access while she was not on the show, and that she looked up Bachelor spoilers to see what was happening, and upon her return told everyone in the house about the Chase Rice thing. Victoria is displeased:

WATCH: Victoria F. confronts Alayah over gossiping

At this point the ladies just don't get why Peter would bring Alayah back. Alayah says she just wants to keep exploring her relationship with Peter, but the ladies think she's just here for attention. And they decide to tell him just that.

The Ladies Turn on Bachelor Peter Weber

Peter shows up to the cocktail party feeling good. He says he's back on track, feeling hopeful about this whole process again, and he's ready to find love! But Deandra cuts him off because she—and some of the other ladies—have something to say:

WATCH: The ladies confront Peter Weber about bringing back Alayah

While Peter and Victoria P. are outside, inside, the ladies are going at Alayah pretty hard, more or less saying that she's just here for drama. Victoria F. tells Peter that Alayah told the house about the Chase Rice thing, and Peter is now questioning his decision. He's not sure if she really is who she says she is.

When Peter chats with Alayah to set the record straight, she's in tears, saying she can't understand why the girls are all coming at her. 

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So basically, everything is in shambles: Alayah is upset. Peter is upset. The other ladies are upset. Chase Rice, presumably, is still a little shaken. (We're totally guessing here, but it seems possible.) 

What's next? Here's your first look:

WATCH: Week 5 Sneak Peek - The drama continues and the tears flow

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