Watch the 20 Most Amazing Bachelor Moments Ever

Watch the 20 Most Amazing Bachelor Moments Ever

Throughout 20 seasons of The Bachelor there have been lots of tears, laughter, kisses and more than a few roses handed out. In celebration of two decades of the series, ABC is counting down the Top 20 Most Amazing Moments from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. As could be expected, some less than classy breakups -- we're looking at you Juan Pablo and Jake Pavelka -- scandalous fantasy suite confessions, dirty little secrets, "amazing" stories (Remember Kelsey?) and some straight up love making made the list. Each clip is introduced by Season 20 Bachelor Ben Higgins

Take a peek at the moments below that will be updated daily leading up to the 20th anniversary and make sure to tune in for the very special episode The Bachelor At 20: A Celebration of Love SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14 8|7c, featuring a look back at the 20 seasons of the show followed by the wedding of Bachelor in Paradise lovers Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper. 

20. Jake and Vienna's Epic Breakup Interview

All's fair in love and war and Bachelor Jake Pavelka gave new meaning to the phrase when saying goodbye to his former love Vienna in quite possibly the ugliest breakup interview in Bachelor nation history.  

19. Trista's Fantasy Suite Confession

The Bachelor fantasy suites give the contestants a chance to bare their minds and souls to their possible future partners. During Season 1, Trista took opening up to the next level by revealing an intimate secret to Bachelor Alex Michel. 

18. Ali Leaves Kasey ... On A Glacier

Breaking up is never easy to do and Ali's goodbye to Kasey was cold as ice ... literally. The Bachelorette chose to let him go while visiting a glacier and the look on his face as she flies away to warmer parts is the definition of heartbreaking. 

17. Kelsey's Amazing Love Story

No one knew how to react when one of Chris Soules' bachelorettes Kelsey described her experience of being a widow as "amazing."

16. Caught In A Lie

Secrets never stay hidden on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and Justin found this out the hard way when he was called out for having a girlfriend back home. The lie was bad, but worse was how he handled Ali confronting him with the news. 

15. Bad Bachelor Bentley

It's fine if you are so not into the Bachlorette and want to leave the show, but Bentley decided he wanted to make Ashley feel terrible about herself in the process. Not cool. 

14. Chris Harrison Confronts Rozlyn

Host Chris Harrison has seen pretty much everything throughout all the incarnations of the show, but when Rozlyn was accused of having an affair with one of the show's producers, even he didn't quite seem to know how to handle it. 

13. Clare Tells Off Juan Pablo

Clare decided to give Juan Pablo a piece of her mind after finding out she wasn't getting the final rose in a classic moment. Gutsy and brillant! 

12. Frank Tells Ali He Has Feelings For An Ex

Ali had a rough season as the Bachelorette consistantly running into problems with her bachelors. This time, one of the frontrunners Frank withdraws from the show and confesses he has feelings for an ex-girlfriend back home. 

11. Ashley S. and Her Pomegranate

Ashley S. was always unpredictable. In one of the funniest moments from the years, Ashley becomes mesmorized not with Bachelor Chris Soules, but an onion. Or wait, a pomegranate actually. 

10. Kaitlyn and Nick's Surprise Sleepover

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe played by her own rules. She shocked audiences in moment #10 when she had a super sexy sleepover with Nick Viall way before fantasy suite time. 

9. Jesse Palmer's Rose Ceremony Amnesia

Watch Jesse Palmer commit quite possibly the cardinal sin of The Bachelor, getting two women's names mixed up at a rose ceremony. 

8. The Teariest and Longest Goodbye Ever

Get those tissues ready, because coming in at #8 is Brooks and Desiree’s teariest, longest goodbye ever. 

7. Clint and JJ's Bromance

Sparks flew when two of Kaitlyn Bristowe's bachelors started a full blown bromance. 

6. Ben's Salty Goodbye

Of course the 20 Most Amazing Bachelor Moments wouldn't be complete without a moment from Season 20 Bachelor Ben Higgins. His breakup with Olivia may be the saltiest in history.

5. Courtney Takes Ben Skinny Dipping

Courtney rocked Ben Flajnik's world with a scandalous skinny dipping romp in the ocean.

4. Tierra .... AND Her Eyebrow

Tierra's raised eyebrow infuriates her fellow bachelorettes.

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