JoJo and Ben Higgins Love Story on The Bachelor 2016

JoJo and Ben Higgins Love Story on The Bachelor 2016

The Bachelor Ben Higginsjourney to find love is down to the final two, Lauren B. and JoJo. It hasn't been all glamourous trips and roses along the way. Ben has gotten himself in quite the predicament by telling both women he loves them. While who the handsome software salesman ends up with in the end remains to be seen, one thing is certain. Ben has a special relationship with each of his remaining bachelorettes. In preparation for the finale airing MONDAY MARCH 14 8|7c, let's take a look at one of the love stories. JoJo has always been there to comfort Ben during Season 20 and the pair's bond is rock solid. Here's Ben and JoJo's journey to loveland. 

Magical Beginnings

The outgoing real estate developer made quite the entrance when she got out of the limo to meet Ben wearing a unicorn head. Throughout the season, Joelle a.k.a JoJo continued to further prove unicorns exist with many magical shared moments with Ben. 

First Kiss

There's nothing like an epic first kiss. Ben made his with JoJo a memorable one by doing it on top of a building during Week 2. 

JoJo Opens Up

JoJo Finally Opens Up to Ben|JoJo finally lets down her guard with Ben.|Ben brings JoJo to Wrigley Field in Chicago where they share a romantic date on the field. Ben is excited when JoJo finally lets down her guard and opens her heart to romance. Watch this scene from Week Seven and catch new episodes of The Bachelor MONDAYS 8|7c on ABC.

A lot of the bachelorettes find it hard to really open up on The Bachelor and JoJo was no exception. The pair's relationship took a step to the next level on their second one-on-one date at Wrigley Field. Maybe it was the calm air of thousands of past baseball games being played or Ben's comforting demeanor, but it wasn't until Chicago JoJo felt she could really let her guard down. 

Ex-Boyfriend Troubles

Of course no relationship on The Bachelor progresses without a little drama. JoJo and Ben hit the biggest snag in their relationship when on Ben's visit to her hometown of Dallas started off with surprise roses from an ex-boyfriend. Luckily, Ben didn't let JoJo's ex ruin the pair's connection. In fact, it just made the two that much more clear on how much they meant to each other. 

Overprotective Brothers

Sneak Peek: Will JoJo's Brothers Ruin Her Chances with Ben?|Preview Week 9: Ben tells JoJo about her brothers.|Will JoJo's brothers ruin her chances at love with Ben? Watch this sneak peek from Week 9 of the 2016 season of The Bachelor! Don't miss The Bachelor MONDAYS 8|7c on ABC.

Ben's visit to JoJo's hometown hit another rough patch when her two older brothers were less than welcoming to the Bachelor. Ben did his best to reassure the two although he couldn't tell them for sure JoJo was the only woman for him, his feelings were very real for their little sis. 

I Love You

JoJo and Ben Say I Love You|JoJo's feelings are reciprocated.|In Jamaica JoJo tells Ben she loves him and Ben reveals he is in love with her too. Watch this scene from Week Nine and catch new episodes of The Bachelor MONDAYS 8|7c on ABC.

A dramatic hometown date didn't send Ben running for the hills. In fact, quite the opposite happened. Ben shocked JoJo by telling her, "I love you," after frolicking in a waterfall in Jamaica. 

Whose love connection is stronger with Ben, JoJo's or Lauren B.'s? Find out in the dramatic conclusion of The Bachelor MONDAY, MARCH 14 8|7c.

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