Clint Eliminated from The Bachelorette

Clint Eliminated from The Bachelorette

Kaitlyn Bristowe sent Clint home last night on The Bachelorette -- and she pulled the trigger on it very quickly.

Kaitlyn's move is swiftly becoming the pre-Rose Ceremony elimination, which, the more we think about it, is probably a more humane method than making these guys sweat out the ceremony. So when Kaitlyn heard from the other contestants that Clint and JJ were causing issues, she confronted Clint about the situation straight away -- a conversation that ended up being her final with the departing bachelor:

Clint was predictably upset, and when he and Kaitlyn re-entered the house, he wanted to know who had been saying bad things about him to Kaitlyn. Clint was likely looking to get an assist from JJ on taking some guys down with him. JJ had actually just finished telling the other guys that no matter what happens, he would always have Clint's back and JJ would be his friend for life. And then this happened:

So...yeah. JJ flipped on him in an instant. Clint said that his conection with JJ was stronger than his connection with Kaitlyn, but apparently that was not a two-way street. When push came to shove, JJ chose to do what was best for him to stay on the show and in the running for Kaitlyn.

Speaking of pushing and shoving, here’s JJ confrontingt Clint on his way out: 

So Week 4 saw the end of Clint's relationship with Kaitlyn, but possibly even more sad for Clint, the end of his bromance with JJ as well. All in all, a sad night for Clint. Fare thee well, sir.

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