Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Bristowe Sleeps with Nick Viall in Dublin

Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Bristowe Sleeps with Nick Viall in Dublin

If you want, you can lie and tell people that you weren't thinking, "Who did Kaitlyn sleep with?" ever since you saw the trailer in Week 1 of The Bachelorette -- but this is a safe place, so let's just own it. This week, we finally got the answer to the bachelorette spoiler everyone's been searching for. We left off in San Antonio with Ian telling Kaitlyn Bristowe that he thinks she’s only here to “make out with dudes on TV,” that she’s “surface-level,” and that the other guys on the show were “lames.” We didn’t get to see Kaitlyn’s response, and while that was obviously a big moment on the show, that was definitely not the biggest shocker that happened in Week 6. That would obviously be Kaitlyn sleeping with Nick Viall.

But let’s take it from the top. (Patience is a virtue, right?) This was Kaitlyn’s response to Ian’s charges:

She defends herself about as well as anyone could in that situation, but she’s visibly shaken by the exchange. Ian, for his part, has already moved on and is ready to be crowned the new Bachelor:

You hear that, world? Ian is tired of talking about sex! He just needs to... wait, have some sex? Oh, Ian. You caved so quickly.

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After Ian hopped a limo to head home, only two guys would be left without a rose after the Rose Ceremony at the Alamo: Joshua and Justin.

Getting Lucky in Ireland

Then the whole crew headed to Dublin, Ireland, and… okay, whatever it was we were saying about patience before was just silly, so let’s dig into the bombshell of the evening. Nick and Kaitlyn had a one-on-one date in Dublin, just walking around town and seeing the sights, and they were fairly touchy-feely the whole time. These two have chemistry, and the physical chemistry only intensified as the date went on. After dinner, Kaitlyn gave Nick the rose, but then he got another prize: an invite to her hotel room. They talked a while, made out a while, and then this is what happened next:

If there was any doubt as to what transpired, the morning after pretty much cleared that up (bravo on the birds and bees footage to kick it off, guys):

Kaitlyn didn’t regret what happened; as we’ve said, they clearly have a great connection, and they’re adults. Nick tweeted his support for Kaitlyn's willingness to be honest on the show last night: "There is a more to intimacy than just sex. Kaitlyn showed a lot of courage by admitting 2 having sex on national TV knowing that she will be unfairly judged by some." ABC News's story on last night's Bachelorette quoted Kaitlyn on GMA as saying, "I am a very in the moment person and I tried to just separate each relationship, and they all move at different paces. And that one definitely moved a little quicker than others and maybe the timing wasn’t ideal on that one." So Kaitlyn was feeling plenty of guilt and pressure anyway, because she was afraid that this was going to negatively affect her relationships with the other guys. 

Kaitlyn's Dead: Her Silly and Touching Irish Wake

If Kaitlyn was feeling enough guilt to want to die, well, she kinda got her wish on the group date the next day: Chris Harrison stuffed her in a casket and told the guys that, for the afternoon, Kaitlyn Bristowe was dead -- and they were going to throw her a traditional Irish Wake. The guys paid tribute to her ranging from touching stories to silly songs:

Is Shawn "The One"?

Jared received the group date rose that evening, and he and Kaitlyn shared a private concert with The Cranberries. Jared getting more time and attention sent Shawn into a downward spiral. This process has been hard for Shawn, and he certainly hasn't kept that a secret. He was really looking for some validation on this date, and when he didn’t get it, it threw everything into question for him. During some time with the production team, Shawn reveals that Kaitlyn came to his room and they stayed up all night long just talking. And that night, she said Shawn was “The One.” Shawn is in love, and he’s not sure he can go through with this, having to share Kaitlyn with the rest of the guys:

Kaitlyn’s worried that Shawn knows about the night she spent with Nick. But we’ll have to wait until next week to see if that’s the case or not… 

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