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"This Week with George Stephanopoulos" is ABC's preeminent Sunday morning public affairs program.

S8 E54 - This Week 12/31/17: US Closer to 'Nuclear War With North Korea' Than Ever Before: Former Joint Chiefs Head
Guests: Mike Mullen, Matthew Dowd, Perry Bacon Jr, Mary Jordan, Susan Page, Brad Garrett, Ray Kelly
12.31.2017 | 46m
S3 E53 - This Week 12/30: Charles Schumer, Jon Kyl on Fiscal Cliff Deadline
Guests: Howard Dean, Tim Pawlenty, Maggie Haberman, Todd Purdum
12.30.2012 | 48m
S8 E53 - This Week 12/24/17: Will GOP Tax Plan Help or Hurt GOP in 2018?
Guests: Jeff Flake, Charlie Dent, Cokie Roberts, Rich Lowry, Eugene Scott and Margaret Talev.
12.24.2017 | 47m
S9 E52 - This Week 12/30/18: Trump Holding 'American People Hostage' with Shutdown: Incoming Dem Caucus Chair
US border chief on child deaths in CBP custody: 'Absolutely devastating for us'; Gen. McChrystal: For a president, visiting troops is not 'a time to tout your politics'
12.30.2018 | 46m
S6 E52 - This Week 12/27/15: A Look Back at 2015: The Year of Donald Trump
Justice Stephen Breyer on Donald Trump, Retirement, and Civil Liberties; Veteran Moves Off the Streets to Apartment, In Time for Christmas
12.27.2015 | 47m
S8 E52 - This Week 12/17/17: What Does Alabama Senate Race Mean for 2018?
Guests: John Cornyn, Chris Van Hollen, Paul Krugman, Glenn Hubbard, Matt Dowd, Julie Pace, Mary Bruce, Patrick Gaspard and Sara Fagen.
12.17.2017 | 45m
S10 E52 - Sunday, Dec 29, 2019
Kim has 'two paths in front of him ... we'll see which one they choose': O'Brien; Senators who vote against witnesses are 'complicit in a cover-up': Dem senator; Trump is 'a symptom and we need to cure the underlying disease': Andrew Yang
12.29.2019 | 45m
S9 E51 - This Week 12/23/18: Mulvaney: Trump 'Not Going To Not Accept Money For A Border Wall'
Guests: Mick Mulvaney, Jeff Merkley, Chris Christie, Donna Brazile, Rich Lowry, Elisabeth Bumiller
12.23.2018 | 44m
S6 E51 - This Week 12/20/15: Highlights From the 3rd Democratic Debate
Guests: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Chris Christie, Jennifer Palmieri, Cokie Roberts, Donna Brazile, Ana Navarro, Matt Dowd
12.20.2015 | 47m
S3 E51 - This Week 12/16: Tragedy at the Elementary School
Guests: Dan Malloy, Richard Blumenthal, Chris Murphy, Pedro Segarra, Donna Brazile, George Will
12.16.2012 | 51m
S8 E51 - This Week 12/10/17: Days Before Election, President Trump Throws Full Support Behind Roy Moore
Guest: Dean Young, Terri Sewell, Matt Murphy, Andrea Lindenberg, James Longman, Ben Cardin, Dan Balz, Susan Glasser, Jenna Jacobs, and Joshua Johnson.
12.10.2017 | 45m
S7 E51 - This Week 12/18/16: Responding to Reports of Russian Interference in US Elections
Guests: Donna Brazile, James Woolsey, Douglas Lute, Adam Schiff, Peter King, LZ Granderson, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Jennifer Jacobs, Cokie Roberts
12.18.2016 | 48m
S10 E51 - Sunday, Dec 22, 2019
'I will support the president' on Senate trial and witnesses: Sen. Ron Johnson; The people 'deserve to have a full, fair and complete trial': Sen. Doug Jones; Swing state voters react to the House impeaching President Trump
12.22.2019 | 45m
S9 E50 - This Week 12/16/18: Giuliani: Hush Money Payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal 'Not a Crime'
Top Senate Dem: Potential shutdown 'entirely in the hands of President Donald Trump'; Senate Republican: Obamacare ruling 'far too sweeping' in overturning entire law
12.16.2018 | 45m
S6 E50 - This Week 12/13/15: New Poll Shakes Up Republican Race in Iowa
Guests: Ben Carson, John Kerry, Nihad Awad, Bill Kristol, Robin Wright, David Brody, Nancy Gibbs
12.13.2015 | 45m
S3 E50 - This Week 12/9: Tom Coburn, Debbie Stabenow Discuss Fiscal Cliff
Power House Roundtable: James Carville, Mary Matalin, Paul Krugman, George Will, Matthew Dowd.
12.09.2012 | 49m
S8 E50 - This Week 12/03/17: After Flynn Plea Deal, What's Next in Special Counsel Mueller's Investigation?
Guest: Michael Mukasey, Dan Abrams, Adam Schiff, Mitch McConnell, Charles Blow, Megan Murphy, Alex Castellanos, Jen Psaki, Christopher Ruddy.
12.03.2017 | 45m
S7 E50 - This Week 12/11/16: Potential Secretary of State Pick Has Had Business Relations Within Russia
Guests: Reince Priebus, Rand Paul, Claire McCaskill, Norman Eisen, Richard Painter, Jamal Simmons, EJ Dionne, Sarah Huckabee, Rick Lowry
12.11.2016 | 46m
S10 E50 - Sunday, Dec 15, 2019
Trump 'believes he is above the law and accountable to no one': Rep. Adam Schiff; 'Beginning of the end for this show trial that we've seen in the House': Sen. Ted Cruz; Trump 'doesn't have tactics. This is him.': Chris Christie on impeachment
12.15.2019 | 45m
S9 E49 - This Week 12/09/18: Dem Sen: Mueller Should 'Show His Cards Soon,' Give Congress Findings in Early 2019
Rubio: Trump pardoning Manafort 'could trigger a debate about' pardon power; Inside the Navy's flyover farewell for President George H.W. Bush
12.09.2018 | 45m