Executive Assistant
San Diego, California

Bachelorette Biography

Jessica has always dreamed of finding her perfect fairy-tale love story. She says she is excited to meet Joey because "I want to find someone that I can trust my heart with, someone who will respect me, and someone who will do anything to cherish our relationship." When she's not hard at work helping people who have been impacted by natural disasters, Jessica loves belting out Taylor Swift's songs, trying new restaurants, and spending time with her adorable Yorkipoo named Charli. Joey, are you ready to be a dog dad? Jessica is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic who is ready for the real deal, and we can't wait for her "Bachelor" journey to begin.

Fun Facts:
• Jess describes her personal aesthetic as "country glamour."
• Jess read her first book for fun last summer.
• Jess is a sucker for a pretty view.