Guidance Counselor
Hamilton, Ohio

Bachelorette Biography

Kayla is an outgoing, trustworthy and unapologetic woman with a big personality. She has been in a serious relationship that lasted eight years, but she was ready for her forever and her ex was not. Kayla isn't messing around when it comes to dating and is ready for the one. The high school counselor says she wants to enter her "soft girl" era and settle down with a man who is ready to have kids. When she isn't working, Kayla loves reading "Harry Potter," watching "Schitt's Creek," and hanging with her rescue animals. This beauty is tired of being the third wheel in her friend group and is hoping Joey will be her forever plus-one!

Fun Facts:
• Kayla once stopped traffic to save a baby duckling.
• Kayla really loves "Harry Potter."
• Kayla dreams of eating her way around the world.