Medical Device Salesman
Schaumberg, Illinois

Bachelor Biography

Hakeem is an energetic guy with a big personality. He is ready to find someone to bring home to meet his big Jamaican family and introduce his favorite parts of his culture, like Jamaican food. Hakeem is funny, outgoing and honest, and loves planning cheesy romantic dates for his partner. He worked hard to get his master's degree at Northwestern University, and when he's not hard at work, he loves listening to reggae music and rewatching "The Lion King." While Hakeem has spent most of his life in Chicago, he hopes to move somewhere warm someday to settle down and start a family of his own. Could Jenn be the perfect match for him?

Fun Facts:
● Hakeem can fully clap with just one hand.
● Hakeem takes finding love so seriously that he spent over $5,000 on a dating coach.
● Hakeem has gone on a picnic date in a cemetery — but he promises not to ghost!