Health & Safety Manager
Manheim, Pennsylvania

Bachelor Biography

This small-town boy has big dreams when it comes to finding love. Brett has great energy, strong confidence and a lot of personality to go around. Though Brett loves to be the life of the party and won't turn down anyone who challenges him to a dance-off, underneath his outgoing exterior is an authentic man with a sensitive soul who's ready to find "the one." Brett's parents have been married for over 30 years, and he wants to find a love that can stand the test of time like theirs has. He is looking for a woman who he can connect with on a deep level emotionally and who also has a good sense of humor. Brett can't wait to meet Jenn and see if she's the woman he's been looking for!

Fun Facts:
● Brett can do the splits and will do them on command.
● Brett has never left the United States but hopes to one day!
● As a kid, Brett accidentally shaved off his own eyebrows right before picture day.