Played by Sarah Hyland

Character Biography

The good news is that Haley is a typical teenager. That’s also the bad news. She’s growing up a little too fast. Haley is supremely independent but sometimes a little naïve. She once rubbed her cell phone on her head for an hour because her sister, Alex, told her it would recharge the battery. It didn’t. She argues with her mom and gets embarrassed by her dad, especially when he tries to buddy up to her on/off boyfriend, Dylan, but she's since developed feelings for Jay and Gloria's male nanny Andy.

Haley has never been the world’s greatest student. It was a challenge to find a college that would accept her. In fact, all of her applications had been rejected before she received one final letter to open. Haley’s entire family gathered around to learn that she’s on one school’s “wait list.” Phil exclaimed, “Our daughter might be going to college!” Haley learned she actually “will” be going to college once Luke coughed up the acceptance letter he’d been hiding. Sure hope there’s a mall near the campus.

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