Dancing with the Stars Recap: Tamar Braxton Hospitalized, Bindi Blindfolded and Alexa Eliminated!

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Tamar Braxton Hospitalized, Bindi Blindfolded and Alexa Eliminated!

Welcome to the official Dancing with the Stars recap for Season 21, Week 9 “Showstoppers” episode (original airdate November 9, 2015). In addition to their first routine, the stars moved into teams to perform a side-by-side dance. Inspiration for the team routines was drawn from travels around the country to experience live productions of famous shows. The drama was high when Tamar Braxton was rushed to the hospital prior to the show only to return later and Alexa PenaVega was eliminated though she certainly went out on a high note. Let’s see all the highlights in The Glitter Report!

The Ultimate Showstoppers Night Highlight Reel: 'Nuff said, just watch!

Blind Ambition: Bindi Irwin & Derek Hough did a Viennese Waltz to “Roses and Violets” by Alexander Jean. After a routine that began and ended with a blindfolded Bindi, Tom Bergeron pointed out that her hands were still shaking when all the dancing was done. It makes sense. The judges were also moved by the amazing routine as evidenced by the trio of 10s that popped up on the paddles. Check out this perfect dance.

A Chicago Showstopper: Alexa, Mark, Bindi & Derek performed a Charleston to “All That Jazz/Hot Honey Rag” from Chicago. The team traveled to New York for inspiration, which may explain why they gave such an inspired dance. The stylish number had the crowd and judges going wild. Once all the cheering was done, three 10s appeared on the paddles, and with good reason.

Tamar’s Triumphant Return: Nick, Sharna, Tamar & Val danced a Rumba to “Hey Jude” from Ciruqe du Soleil® The Beatles® LOVE™. Amazingly, Tamar returned from the hospital and made it back to the studio in time to take part in her team dance. It was a true show of courage in what turned out to be a fine routine that earned three 9s from the judges.

Showstopper Fit for a Queen: Alek, Lindsay, Carlos & Witney did a Paso Doble to “We Will Rock You” by Queen. The end of the routine covered the two male dancers covered in paint. Julianne felt the time when Alek and Carlos danced together didn’t live up to its full potential, but she loved the lift. Carrie Ann also felt they didn’t fill the shoes of such a big song. The crowd sure liked it enough though. See why!

Alexa’s Perfect Farewell: Alexa PenaVega & Mark Ballas did a Contemporary routine to “Make it Rain” by Ed Sheeran. The intense routine brought the crowd to its feet. Bruno felt it was brilliant and that Alexa danced like she’d never danced before. Carrie Ann added that it was more than just dancing; it was healing from a time when Alexa had suffered through bulimia. Check out Alexa’s amazing routine, which just happened to also be her last solo dance.

Showstoppers Night ended with Bindi Irwin atop the leaderboard and Alexa PenaVega exiting the ballroom. All remaining teams are back in action for Dancing with the Stars MONDAY 8|7c as the stars and pros tackle more tough routines as we head into the home stretch for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy!


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