Character 101: April Kepner

Character 101: April Kepner

We first met Dr. April Kepner in Season 6 when Seattle Grace and Mercy West merged. It was a time when Jackson and April were far from married or even interested in each other romantically. In fact, April had a crush on another Dreamy doctor. Watch the scene above to see Meredith find out April has the hots for Derek. Then keep reading for a stroll down memory lane featuring this always cheerful, sometimes neurotic (in the best possible way, of course!), beloved doctor with a heart of gold.

The Virgin April: Kepner has always been a gifted, organized and extremely passionate doctor. Unfortunately, that passion didn't extend to the bedroom. After much speculation, April admitted she was indeed a 28-year-old virgin. She wanted her first time to be special, and then waited too long. Plus, there was her relationship with Jesus. And, well, she thought guys found her annoying.

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First Comes Love: April soon learned that not all guys found her annoying. In fact, Mr. Right was closer than she ever thought. The night before they took their boards, April broke her promise to Jesus and had sex... with Jackson Avery! But she couldn't deny that she liked it. A lot.

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Then Comes Marriage: Japril's relationship was complicated from the beginning, so it was no surprise that their road to the alter was a bit bumpy. And by bumpy we mean Jackson (who was dating Stephanie at the time) stopped April's wedding to Matthew and declared his love for her! Perhaps "bumpy" was an understatement? April panicked after becoming a runaway bride, but ended up saying "I do" that day after all.

Then Comes... Heartbreak?: While performing an ultrasound on a now pregnant April, Stephanie accidentally revealed the sex of the baby. It's a boy! But unfortunately, that's where the happy news ends. Unbeknownst to our mother-to-be, Stephanie noticed a problem on the ultrasound. It appears Jackson and April's baby has a devastating birth defect. Is there any hope? Watch all-new episodes of Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c!


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