Bachelor in Paradise 2019, Week 3, Part 2 Recap: Demi Breaks Up with Derek, Has Girlfriend in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise 2019, Week 3, Part 2 Recap: Demi Breaks Up with Derek, Has Girlfriend in Paradise

When we left off last night on Bachelor In Paradise, Demi had summoned host Chris Harrison to the palapa, which usually means something big is about to go down—and although it took a little bit of time, it certainly did. If you still need to catch up, you can watch Bachelor In Paradise Week 3, Part 1 and/or Bachelor In Paradise Week 3, Part 2 right here on or in the ABC app. If you want to catch up fast, you can read last night's recap here, and then read on for the most recent highlights!

Fear and Loathing on Las Playas

We'll circle back around to Demi, but first, there's some loathing to cover down there on the beach. Caitlin had a date with Blake on last night's episode, and they seemed to have a good time. So Caitlin isn't happy to see Kristina joking around with Blake, because she's obviously hoping to get his rose. Caitlin and Caelynn feel like Kristina is meddling where she doesn't belong, and Caitlin decides to call her out on it:

Unfortunately for Caitlin, she's the one who ends up crying at the end of all that, which is probably not how she saw it turning out.

For the "fear" portion of the episode, Katie and Chris are hanging out in the morning, and things seem to be going well for them. And then Katie tells Chris, hey, if you get a chance to go on a date this week, you should go. Chris is taken aback; he thought he and Katie were getting serious, but this makes him question whether that's the case. When new arrival Jen asks Chris on a date, he says yes, because he feels like he'd misread the situation with Katie. Katie backpedals, but is it too late? Watch here:

Poor Katie. She realizes she messed up, but now it's more or less out of her hands. Chris goes on the date, and ends up getting seasick out on the catamaran—good news for Katie—but when they get back to Paradise, Chris has solo drinks with Jen to make up for the rough day—bad news for Katie. Chris is definitely still into Katie, but he's also definitely still making out with Jen in the hot tub.

And Now, a Musical Interlude

Nicole said that Clay had been wanting to hear her sing, so she wrote a song just for him—and we know she's not lying because it references his "yummy" biceps—and then she sings it to him in a cabana:

While we're interluding, remember Dylan and Hannah? Well, they're both still here, both still happy with each other, and experienced zero drama last night. We just thought you'd like to know that. 

Demi and Derek and Big, Big News

So as we mentioned way back in the halcyon days that were the intro to this recap, Demi is still struggling with her feelings regarding Derek and her girlfriend back home. She's really into Derek; she also can't stop thinking about her gf. So when Chris Harrison tells Demi he's gonna do her a solid and help her sort this out, she's relieved, but also probably nervous as hell because basically Chris turns into a cryptic Ghost of Paradise Future, talkin' bout, "Just walk up those stairs and all will be revealed ooooOOOOoooo!"

Anyway, Demi goes upstairs, and all IS revealed: It's Demi's girlfriend. Her name is Kristian, she's 27, and she's here to show Demi how serious she is about what they have. Upon seeing her, Demi's mind is immediately clear:

But that, of course, means that she has an unpleasant conversation on the horizon: breaking the news to Derek. Here it is:

When Demi says they're going to be staying in Paradise, you can feel Derek's oof through the screen. Despite Derek's sadness, he agrees to meet Kristian. It's pretty awkward, but he feels like it gives him some closure, so that's something. 

So yeah, Kristian will be staying in Paradise, so it's time to meet the rest of the gang:

Demi gets a lot of attention—both good and bad—for her blunt conversational style and for never pulling punches, so it's easy to think she's fearless. But we've seen a much more vulnerable Demi over the past couple of weeks, and this moment was huge for her. She handled it with grace, bravery, and pride, and everyone on the beach is visibly happy for her. She and Kristian used their 1-on-1 date to reaffirm their commitment to each other, so it looks like we've got another solid couple in Paradise. 

And we end the episode on a romantic note! Everything is fine! Does that mean more drama awaits? Obviously!

Here's a look at what's coming next:

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