Character 101: Derek Shepherd

Character 101: Derek Shepherd

Who knew that nerdy kid from Can't Buy Me Love would go on to become a top notch neurosurgeon? Patrick Dempsey sure made the most of his McDream role on Grey's Anatomy. Dr. Derek Shepherd is one of the most enduring characters is TV history. Check out some of our favorite memories to see why!

When They Met, It Was Mer-Der: It's not easy to make a one-night stand last 11 seasons. Talk about stamina! Okay, there have been a few rocky Mer-Der moments over the years. This season is no exception. Nevertheless, Derek's hook up with brand new intern Meredith Grey was the beginning of one of the most captivating relationships ever. Here's how it all started.

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Can't Hold a Candle to These Two: Even when they are apart, Derek has a special bond with Meredith that will never be extinguished. You might say it's extraordinary!

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Stick-to-itiveness: Dr. Spencer Silver was trying to create a super-strong adhesive when he accidentally invented a somewhat-sticky pressure-sensitive one that he put to use with Post-Its. If not for this fortuitous faux pas, two of Seattle’s top docs may have never tied the knot. But they did and, yes, they made it stick.

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Hunted: Of all the season cliffhangers and premieres, none were more heart-pounding and heart-wrenching than when a gunman went on a rampage inside the hospital. He didn’t care who he killed, but his primary target was Dr. Derek Shepherd. The gunman found his prey.

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Here's Looking at You, Kid: We all know that Alex Karev may have cornered the market when it comes to providing the most unique pediatric care out there, but that doesn't mean Dr. Derek Shepherd isn't pretty terrific with the little ones, too. Meredith may be the love of his life, but another little lady managed to capture his heart just as deeply.

Everything Changes: Meredith doesn’t think Derek trusts her. They get into another shouting match. Derek says he gave up everything for her. This has Meredith questioning his definition of “everything.” Derek lets her know that they offered him the job again. Meredith says he should take it.


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