GH Recap: Lucy Coe Arrives in Port Charles: Week of May 16th

GH Recap: Lucy Coe Arrives in Port Charles: Week of May 16th

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now!  

Alexis confronts Julian with the knife. She frantically goes through his pockets - and finds the bloody handkerchief. 

Certain now that he stabbed Carlos to death, Alexis excoriates him, horrified that two people have died just so she and Julian could be together.  There's a knock at the door and Julian tosses the bloody handkerchief into the roaring fire.  Alexis opens the door to Sonny who surmises that Alexis and Julian destroyed evidence in their fireplace. Sonny blasts Alexis for finally going too far, deeming her his enemy.  Later, Julian proceeds to burn the last bit evidence that would incriminate him – his shirt, stained with Carlos's blood. But Alexis secretly rescues the shirt and hides it in a cabinet.  

In other news, Lucy's back and Port Charles is gearing up for the Nurse's Ball!

Lucy gives Kevin and Laura her blessing after mistakenly coming to believe they're seeing each other. Laura tells Kevin she believes she's picked up the trail Helena left for her. Kevin offers to tag along. Kevin and Laura arrive at the abandoned campus disco. The real estate agent informs them that no one's used the place in many years, and leaves them alone to explore.   Laura can't help but be reminded of the past, alludes to both what happened all those years ago, as well as the consequences it led to. The agent returns, explaining that if Kevin and Laura want to buy this place, they may not have much luck, as the owners — Lloyd and Lucy Johnson — have no interest in selling.  Laura instantly recognizes the names as her and Luke's former aliases, as she and Kevin, clearly growing closer, decide to take the next step in their quest.

At Sam's insistence, Jason agrees to go to the hospital to get checked out.  The impact was strong enough to jog his memories, but there's some concern about whether it will last and if there were other injuries.  Jason checks out fine, has a mother/son bonding moment with Monica.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas finds Hayden in the midst of selling his possessions on Ebay.  When Nikolas demands that she stop, indicating an object that is both valuable and holds great meaning for him, Hayden protests that Nikolas could simply pay her off.  He reminds her that he doesn't trust her not to reveal what he tried to do to her, and suggests she get a job instead. Diane arrives, and informs Nikolas that he owes a serious amount of money in taxes.  We see Nikolas's anger with Jason, as Diane suggests that he sell some of his possessions to raise the funds. Nikolas sells diamonds and Hayden realizes that not only is she in a loveless marriage…she may also be poor.

Meanwhile, Michael is stunned to find Sabrina's baby on his doorstep. Tracy calls Finn to come over and make sure the child is healthy.  Finn arrives, and after a brief exam, notes that the baby seems healthy, but should be examined at the hospital and the police should be notified.  Later, Tracy discovers that Michael and the baby are gone… as Michael is bringing the baby to the hospital, where he encounters Felix.  Michael reveals that the baby is (seemingly) Sabrina's.

Later, Dante tells Michael the child left at Tracy's doorstep is definitely Sabrina's.  Michael and Dante speculate as to why this happened and realize Inocencia has the answers.  Dante tells Michael they have a problem – they cannot find Inocencia.  Tracy privately gets the baby back from Social Services.

Across town, Ava has an idea to bond with Kiki – but realizes Morgan is in the way.  Morgan learns the good news about Jason and is taking steps to get better.  Kiki bonds with Dillon and thanks him for all – and we see Dillon has a taken a shine to her.  Ava visits Morgan and makes it clear that if he loves Kiki at all, he must give her up.

At GH, Obrecht goes to Monica and triggers a hospital review re: the two deaths slightly connected to Finn.  An inquiry is called but Monica ultimately backs Finn.  Obrecht makes it clear she doesn't trust or like Finn, wants to take him out. Obrecht starts to look into Finn's past.

While Michael enlists Sonny's help, Sabrina learns of Carlos' death.  She pulls herself together, but her hopes of escape are dashed.  Michael and Sonny take off for Puerto Rico while Marcos decides Sabrina's fate.

In other news Brad and Lucas make plans to be married by Lucy at the Nurses' Ball!


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