black-ish Recap: Dre Takes His Family to Church

black-ish Recap: Dre Takes His Family to Church

Welcome to this week's black-ish recap for the Season 2 episode “Churched,” wherein Dre takes the family to -- wait for it -- church. Dre and Bow lament that they say "No" to so many invitations, and worry that they're missing out on things. So at a birthday party that Dre and Bow decided to say "Yes" to, when they're invited to church, Dre says "Yes" one more time. 

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Ruby Flips Out

The family has mixed reactions to this news, but Ruby has zero mixed emotions when she finds out that Jack and Diane were never baptized:

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A Higher Office

After Dre tells his coworkers that he felt great after going to church, his coworkers share a range of views on worship:

Mr. Stevens compares going to church too often to having a mistress, Lucy supports Dre's decision, and Mr. Stevens and Charlie get angry at Lucy for calling herself "a Jew," which they find hateful. Not sure how to reconcile those viewpoints, but, uh, moving on...

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The Fall of Dre

After Dre and Bow return to their neighbors' church, it's not so wonderful the second time around -- the repetition seems tired, the service seesm to drag. They lie and say they'll just return to their "regular" church, but the neighbors are excited to accompany them to try something new. They go to Ruby's church to prove they're loyal churchgoers, but they aren't ready for the length of the services, and their stamina gets worse as the session gets longer. Ruby, however, cherishes the opportunity to speak to her community...and lie about Dre being off to war in Afghanistan:

Dre and Bow decide that maybe picking a method of worship isn't something you can do in two weeks, and vow to try a few out before they commit. They're just sure it's not Ruby's church. Also, Ruby baptized the kids in the pool.

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