The Glitter Report: Week 2 - The Double Elimination

The Glitter Report: Week 2 - The Double Elimination

Week 2 was all about picking your own dance, a Switch Up Vote and Val celebrating a birthday during the biggest dance party on the planet. Oh, and there was also the first elimination of the season. Actually, two teams had to say bye-bye to the ballroom. Onto the highlights of the night for Week 2 of Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars!

Dance of the Night: More than a couple of couples had a high score of 25 for the night, but James’s spicy salsa certainly raised the ballroom temperature by heating up the dance floor. Last week, Len said that he and James were eye candy for the ladies. Take a look at this tasty little routine which led to a sweet score.


Cooler Than the Flip Side of the Ballroom: As mentioned, there were several top scores of 25 for the night. Meryl and Maks took home one of those high marks. The only reason they didn’t flip out after their fine swing is because they flipped out so many times during the routine. Oh, and they were also exhausted.


Once, Twice, Three Times as Many Ladies: Billy Dee Williams was a little down about his performance from Week 1. Nothing will cheer up a 76-year-old superstar like tangoing with a trio of lovely ladies. Billy Dee claimed he just wanted to have more fun. He had three sexy beauties bumping up against him in the ballroom. Mission accomplished. Who care about those three 5’s?

A Full House of Growing Pains during Those Wonder Years: As mentioned last time out, Candace and Danica were both child stars who dated the same guy—Jeremy Miller of Growing Pains fame. Well, Mr. Ben Seaver was in the ballroom. See what happens when Erin asks which of his former flames is scorching things up more on the dance floor.


Dancing Around One’s Worries: You’d never know it while watching her perform, but Amy always has a concern playing out in the back of her head whenever she steps onto the dance floor. See how she deals with it during her rehearsal time with Derek.


The Quotes Are In:

Len (to Drew after his jive): “If entertainment was judo, you’re a black belt.”

Bruno (to Danica after her samba): “You’re like a gorgeous little jungle cat, beautiful to look at, but not quite tamed yet.”

Carrie Ann (to Billy Dee after his tango): “You were handling those three women like the superstar that you are.”

Len: (to Meryl after her swing) “That swing had wings!”

Maks (re: Len’s score of his swing): “The important one gave us a 9.”

Bruno (to James after his salsa): “You've come out of your shell and you’ve got the abs to prove it!”

Tom: “We're gonna spend the commercial break dragging Carrie Ann out of the Sexy Hall of Fame.”

Carrie Ann (to Charlie after his tango): “You looked like Baryshnikov out there.”

Tom: “That’s even better than the Sexy Hall of Fame.”

Guest Judge News: Julianne Hough returns to the ballroom as a guest judge in Week 4! Other guest judges coming this season include Ricky Martin and Redfoo of LMFAO fame. No word yet on who will have to sit next to Bruno.

Tangoing in Controversy: Charlie and Sharna followed up their strong performance from Week 1with another solid dance. They even got a little help from Maks to bring out a little bad boy in Charlie. The judges had mixed reviews for the routine. Who was right? Who was wrong? You be the judge!


Highlights of the Night: As mentioned earlier, Week 2 had a double elimination where we said bye-bye to Diana and Sean. As for those who remain, they need your votes to continue their quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy. Here’s a quick rundown all the routines to help you keep track of the best of the best. Enjoy!


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