Grey Chatter: "All I Could Do Was Cry"

Grey Chatter: "All I Could Do Was Cry"

Welcome to Grey Chatter for the "All I Could Do Was Cry" episode of Grey's Anatomy! Here you'll find highlights, videos and more. Be warned, we're talking about details from the episode so stop reading this stat if you don't want to be spoiled. Enjoy!

A Plan No One Wants to Make: April and Jackson are hit with the devastating news that their baby is in pain even inside the womb. Arizona is taken off the case by Dr. Herman. These people are her friends, so she’s devastated. That’s not what they need right now. Catherine Avery compassionately helps come up with a plan.

The Day Marches On: Meredith is desperate to find someone to watch the kids. She’s surprised when Maggie volunteers. Now she can go see Derek for a spell, and for sex. In other news, Stephanie regrets all the bad wishes she had for Jackson and April, and Richard runs into an old friend.

Showing Up: Dr. Herman needs April and Jackson sign some forms before they can proceed. One of them is a death certificate. April refuses to sign. She delays going into the surgery because they still don’t have a name. She’s also still holding out hope for a miracle. Elsewhere, the doctors take turns lighting candles in the chapel for their friends. Even Jackson makes an appearance.

Letting Go: April and Jackson are now ready to take the next step. Dr. Herman delivers their baby. April holds him in her arms with Jackson by her side. A priest baptizes the newborn in the recovery room. April is overjoyed when her baby squeezes her finger. Then it’s time for the little one to let go.

From the Darkness Comes Light: Arizona sits by Dr. Herman outside the room where April and Jackson soak in every precious moment they can with their baby boy. Catherine asks Richard to take her home and hold her. Back in the chapel, Amelia happens upon some brightness on an otherwise dark day.

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