Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Return Sneak Peeks: Will Meredith Survive the Attack?

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Return Sneak Peeks: Will Meredith Survive the Attack?

Grey’s Anatomy returns for another dramatic episode from the mid-season premiere of Season 12 THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11 8|7c. The chaos and revelations of the Winter Finale, "Things We Lost In The Fire" makes us even more excited to see what the staff at Grey Sloan Memorial have been up to and what new challenges lay ahead for the doctors.

In the sneak peek below from Episode 9, "The Sound of Silence", we are faced with the dire aftermath of Meredith’s brutal attack at the hands of a patient. Penny finds her in a very bad state and yells for help. As Meredith lays clinging to life, Webber, Owen, Ben and April  are visibly shaken, but waste no time rallying in a desperate bid to stabilize her. Alex eventually joins the doctors, as they frantically endeavor to keep her from slipping away. The situation seems to escalate as we watch Meredith fading fast and the people who care about her fighting with all their might to prevent the unthinkable from happening. Watch the video now!

SNEAK PEEK: The Doctors fight to save Meredith 



In the second sneak peek below, from Episode 9, Meredith, Alex and Maggie are carpooling to work, but a traffic jam forces them to a standstill. Maggie starts complaining and Alex, who's crashing in Amelia's room, confronts her about the noise that emanated from her room due to late night rendezvous. Maggie, who is clearly embarrassed, feigns ignorance at Alex's innuendos. But he shuts her down by reminding her, "We share a wall." Meredith only chimes to confirm, "That's not Amelia's room anymore." But things quickly take a different turn when they notice two fire trucks and three ambulances speed by. Meredith is the first to eagerly jump out of the car and head to the scene of what appears to be a terrible accident. Maggie follows suit, and finally Alex, who is reluctant at first, ends up running to join them. Watch the video now!  

SNEAK PEEK: Meredith, Alex, and Maggie to the Rescue


What could the remainder of Season 12 have in store for our favorite doctors? Find out when Grey's Anatomy returns THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11 8|7c on ABC.

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