7 Unforgettable Connor Walsh Scenes from Season 1 of How to Get Away with Murder

7 Unforgettable Connor Walsh Scenes from Season 1 of How to Get Away with Murder

We’ve all seen How to Get Away with Murder's Connor Walsh in action. He is a self-confident, sexy, sly heartbreaker who is not afraid to get his hands dirty in order to get what he wants — when he wants it. If you like this bad boy with a heart as much as we do, then check out Connor’s Top 7 Moments this season!

1) “It wasn’t exactly … legal.”
Connor is quick to show Annalise he will do whatever it takes to win and earn her admiration. Even if it’s seducing Oliver, an innocent bystander, in order to obtain an e-mail illegally for her case. Don’t worry, we don’t think Oliver objected to Connor’s methods!


2) “See, sexting pays off.”
Connor fools the Keating Five into thinking he’s only sexting for fun, when in fact he’s also been stalking a juror on the sly. Just when they’re about to lose their case the juror outs himself to Connor on his gay dating app revealing himself to be biased against the defendant, which dismisses him from the case. Once again Connor proves he is an expert at mixing business with pleasure!


3) “C’mon, it’s not like we said we were exclusive.”
When Oliver discovers Connor cheated on him in order to acquire information for one of Annalise’s cases, Connor chalks it up as no big deal since they’re not exclusive. Heartbroken, Oliver throws him out even after Connor admits he likes Oliver, just maybe not as much as Oliver would like. Once a heartbreaker, always a heartbreaker?


4) “Everyone say hello to the police!”
While driving Wes, Michaela, Laurel and Sam’s body to a convenience store to buy lighter fluid, Connor starts to crack under the pressure. He points out all the ways they could get caught — fingerprints, fibers, street cameras. Is he losing control or is this a rare moment of Connor without one of his most attractive qualities: his self-confidence?


5) “What the hell happened last night?”
After disposing of Sam’s remains in a dumpster Connor shows up at Oliver’s door hysterical. Oliver tries to console him but instead of exposing him to the awful truth, Connor lies and tells Oliver he has a drug problem. Connor quickly exits leaving Oliver reeling.


6) “I don’t trust anyone in my life right now – except you.”
Oliver kisses Connor and admits he more than likes him even though he knows Connor is a player. Connor has feelings too and begs Oliver not to push him away since he’s the only one he can trust. Is Connor’s heart of steel showing some signs of vulnerability?


7.“That’s what you and I are … worriers.”
Annalise confronts Connor after she overhears him talking about her. When Connor admits he’s worried they can’t trust her, Annalise divulges how similar they are — they are both worriers and assures him she is their only option. The expression on Connor’s face says it all — he is scared just like Annalise, giving us a revealing look behind his façade.

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