6 Unforgettable Wes Gibbins Scenes from Season 1 of How to Get Away with Murder

6 Unforgettable Wes Gibbins Scenes from Season 1 of How to Get Away with Murder

With his adorable boy-next door charm, Wes Gibbins came to Middleton Law School as an outsider, but Annalise Keating quickly saw something special in him. She wasn't alone. If you love How to Get Away with Murder's "Puppy" as much as we do, check out his must-see highlights from Season 1!

1) "Do You Want the Job or Not?"
Professor Keating, Criminal Law professor at Middletown and top defense attorney, picks five of her top students to join her at her firm. No one is more surprised than Wes when he is chosen. He can't help but wonder if it's because of the secret he uncovered about Nate. Wes doesn't want the job if she picked him because of that. Annalise sets the record straight in the scene below!
Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

2) Wes Breaks the Rules for Rebecca
Wes soon proves he's just as deserving as the rest of the Keating Five. He's willing to give it his all for a case -- and what (or whom) he believes in. After Wes realizes Griffin is going to let Rebecca take the fall for Lila's murder, he creates a fake lawyer ID card so he can meet with her at the jail. He poses as a public defender and wants to know what's on the phone he discovered. But Rebecca isn’t talking. In fact, she exposes Wes as a law student! Well, can't say he didn't try. "A" for effort, Puppy!
Season 1, Episode 3: Smile, Or Go to Jail

3) The Truth Is In the Wallpaper
Rebecca's case takes an interesting turn when she realizes Annalise is hiding the truth and informs Wes that he can't trust his boss. Wes immediately investigates and discovers Rebecca is onto something. He confronts Annalise about Sam’s involvement with Lila Stangard in the must-see video below!
Season 1, Episode 5: We're Not Friends

4) Wes vs. Annalise
Immediately following the scene above, Wes storms out of Annalise’s place when he realizes she can’t stop lying. He thinks she’s sick. When Wes skips class the next day, Annalise shows up at his apartment. She wants to know what he wants. That’s easy. He wants her to find Rebecca or he’ll tell the police everything he knows. Wow. It takes guts to stand up to Annalise Keating. (BONUS: Shirtless Wes in the video below!)
Season 1, Episode 6: Freakin' Whack-a-Mole

5) Puppy Love
As the days go on, we see just how close Wes and Rebecca are growing. In fact, after a heated argument over her murder case, they end up making love for the first time. Afterwards, Wes opens up about his personal life in one of his most revealing scenes yet. Watch the must-see moment below!
Season 1, Episode 7: He Deserved to Die

6) The Killer Reveal
In the jaw-dropping winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder, Sam's killer is finally revealed. The students think Sam is a goner after a fall, but they are dead wrong. A very-much alive Sam starts attacking Rebecca! Enter the trophy. Sam gets a fatal blow to the head... from Wes Gibbins. The Puppy did it?!
Season 1, Episode 9: Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me


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