Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel Discuss the Idea of a Woman President with Kids

Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel Discuss the Idea of a Woman President with Kids

Jimmy invited kids to an "out of focus" group where he facilitated a discussion about the idea of a woman president.  The focus group consisted of two boys and two girls.  Jimmy went right into the fact there has never been a woman president.  Jimmy asked a few starter questions to open up discussion and really went into the details when the boys didn't agree a woman could be president.  



Andrew and Jayden feel women "would make it girly" if they were to become president.  The two girls in the focus group were on board and felt women are strong enough to be the next president.  Jayden begged to differ.  He states, "boys are too buff to have girly stuff."  When asked about a female president in a way, Sidney told Jimmy, "If there is a war she would probably make it stop.  So people could be more healthy and they wouldn't die."

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As Jayden continues with his critical comments of women, Jimmy tells him "wow I can imagining you in the future right now."

Near the end of the focus group, Jimmy brings out a special guest, Hillary Clinton, to speak to the kids.  Their first request was "a law for free food in restaurants."  Jayden requests, "no school."  Hillary digs deeper on how he'll develop the skills.

Hillary followed her appearance in the focus group with an interview with Jimmy.  Many of the topics they dicussed were related to the upcoming presidential election and the candidates from the Republican party.  She even mentioned how she'd beat Bill Clinton in an election.  Check out clips from her interview below:

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