Hillary Clinton Gets Mansplained, Talks Donald Trump and Marijuana on Kimmel

Hillary Clinton Gets Mansplained, Talks Donald Trump and Marijuana on Kimmel

Hillary Clinton made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live just days after Bernie Sanders dropped by the show.  Jimmy made a perfectly timed observation about her apperance and the new Batman v. Superman movie when he said, "Bernie Sanders was here on Tuesday, Secretary Clinton is here tonight. They’re an interesting pair, because they’re still competing with each other, obviously, but eventually – we know they're going to team up to stop the deranged billionaire who wants to take over the world. Which is basically the plot to Batman vs Superman."  

Jimmy had fun with Hilary when he taught her about mansplaining.  To give her a concrete example of "mansplaining" Jimmy asked her to pretend to give a speech at a podium while he hurled condescending and sexist comments towards her.  Jimmy didn't hold back when he said "Ask yourself, 'do i want t be president or a Lakers Girl?" and "This is your dream, pretend you're enjoying yourself."  After the mansplaining, Jimmy touched on debating with Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, campaign financing, the supreme court nominee controversy and her confidential emails.  Jimmy also reviewed campaign slogans with Hillary.  Jimmy pitched some of his original campaign slogans: "Hillin' Like a Villain"
"Take a Hill Pill"
"Netflix and Hill"
"Hillary Rod-DAMN"

Check out all of the clips from her interview below:

Watch Jimmy Teach Hillary About  Mansplaining

Watch Jimmy Pitch Some New Campaign Slogans to Hillary

Find Out What Type of Reform Hillary Wants on Campaign Financing

See Hillary's Thoughts About the Supreme Court Nominee Controversy

Hillary Reviews One of Her Emails that Was Reelased to the Public

Clinton vs Trump - Hillary Wants to Keep things Civil

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