Watch Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell Return as The Knife Guys

Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling made a very special appearance together as the Knife Guys on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, May 9.  They reprised their very special roles that they first debuted in 2013 when Jimmy moved from 12:35am to 11:35pm on weeknights.  In their first appearance, Ryan and Will made it clear to Jimmy that they had the 11:35 time slot for their infomercial on knives.  Ryan Gosling was a scheduled on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new film that shares a similar title "Nice Guys."

Last night during one of Jimmy's segments, Will Ferrell interrupted Jimmy to begin his knife pitch to the audience.  Will stood his ground insisting that he's been pitching knives at 11:35pm every night.  To begin his knife demonstration Will asked his "beef assistant," Ryan Gosling, to come out for the demonstration.  Ryan brought out a Trump steak to show how well the knives work.

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To cut the Trump steak, Ferrell pulled out a Trump Knife.  After putting on his "Make Knives Great Again Hat," Gosling explained "That Trump knife is huge and I would know, because I know all the great knives."  Ferrell added, "And sharp, like the man himself."

Watch Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling's Knife Guys Pitch Below:

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