Mistresses Recap: Season 3 Episode 6 "Love Is an Open Door"

Mistresses Recap: Season 3 Episode 6 "Love Is an Open Door"

Welcome to Mistress Moments for the “Love Is an Open Door” episode of Mistresses, which originally aired July 16, 2015. Here you’ll find a recap, highlights and, yes, spoilers, so check out all the hottest happenings below.

Sneak Preview: Love Is an Open Door

Karen is in the middle of full-blown threesome bliss regarding her relationship with Alec and Vivian. The bliss is short-lived when the priest she’s been working with discovers she’s in a relationship with Vivian. The fact that she’s also in one with Alec doesn’t come up. That’s fine with the good doctor, who wants to hide their threesome-ness from the outside world. Karen and Vivian… not so much.

Vivian seeks out a party that caters to folks with three or more in their relationship. Karen meets a nice woman named Mara, who can tell she’s a newbie to this lifestyle. Warnings of being the third member of the relationship are discussed. This leads to a deeper discussion back at home. Karen knows that she’ll be the one on the outside when everything falls apart. Alec and Vivian assure her that their home is her home. That’s why they had a key made for her.

April is a little upset when she learns that Lucy’s hero is her grandmother. Marc is also impressed by Marjorie, who is successful judge. He’s also appreciative when April asks if he’d be okay if her mother came for a visit since she’s a high-functioning alcoholic. It’s a visit that’s not going to happen. Marc convinces April to go with her gut and keep Mama Marjorie out of her house. The two of them share a nice hug. April can’t see the emotional look on Marc’s face as they embrace.

During a dinner date, April admits to Blair that she doesn’t have the best relationship with Marjorie. This leads to a discussion on fractured mother-daughter relationships. Elsewhere, during an attempt to show Lucy and Scotty some outdoor artwork April did when she was younger, Marc is forced to bring the two kids into a strip club. This leads to him getting arrested.

April is understandably upset after bailing out Marc. As for Blair, he’s super judgmental and extremely condescending. The next morning, April tells Marc that what he tried to do with the kids was actually very sweet. This is moments before the doorbell rings. April decided to take Blair’s advice over Marc’s and invite her mother to town for a visit.

Calista is kicking herself for allowing Luca to trick her into stealing the accessory line. The hits just keep on coming when she learns her loathsome hubby wants a divorce. He’s in love with another woman. It happens to be Eva, the model Calista fired after suspecting an affair. Luca plans to declare his lady love as being the creative force behind the accessory line after the launch.

“The best way to get over a man is to get under another one.” These are Calista’s words of wisdom to Joss regarding the Harry conundrum. Joss later meets up with an old college flame named Brad. In other news, Calista asks Joss to plan a preview party for the accessory line. Luca wants to know Calista’s angle. Joss has no idea what it is. All she does know is that she’s to notify Calista when Kathy Cho arrives. Oh, and she also knows she can’t hook up with Brad. She’s in love with someone else.

Joss happens to be standing next to Kathy Cho when Calista interrupts her husband’s big moment at the preview party. She swipes the microphone from Luca to announce that their company’s Chinese ambassador, Lily Woo (aka Kathy Cho), has informed them that underage children were being used at the factory they were using. She puts the full blame on Luca and puts the accessory line on hold. When it does eventually launch, all proceeds will go to charity. Game, set and match: Calista Raines!

Harry is lured back to work thanks to a little lie the ever-flirty Niko gave him. While back at the restaurant, Harry catches virtual sight of Brad giving Joss a kiss at Calista’s event. This has him doing shots with the staff after work. He also sings a tune during an impromptu mini-concert.

Even though Calista effectively destroyed her scheming husband’s business as well as obliterating his relationship with young Eva, she doesn’t feel great. Joss understands. She explains that she didn’t feel right about Brad because she’s still in love with Harry. Speaking of Harry, he wakes up in a haze realizing that he spent the night with Niko. No worries. She claims it was a onetime thing. After all, she already has a boyfriend. It’s Ellis. She’s his mistress.



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