Vintage Store Owner
Newport, Rhode Island

Bachelorette Biography

Sydney is a boss woman looking to add romance to her life. She is smart, free-spirited and entrepreneurial, which has led to her owning her own successful vintage store. Sydney says what she's doing now is her dream job; and while her life is very full, she shared, "I am so ready to find my forever person." The store owner knows Joey checks a lot of her dating boxes and hopes to leave "The Bachelor" engaged to the love of her life. Sydney wants a man who is as adventurous as she is — she's willing to book a same-day international flight and just go. So, Joey, pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Sydney.

Fun Facts:
• Sydney's cats know how to play fetch and sit on command.
• Sydney was voted Most School Spirit in high school.
• Sydney lived in Thailand, where she taught English.