ICU Nurse
Honolulu, Hawaii

Bachelorette Biography

Say "aloha" to stunning Rachel! This ICU nurse has worked hard to achieve her professional goals, but she's ready to find someone with whom to enjoy the journey of life. Rachel is immensely proud of her Hawaiian roots and hopes to bond over her love of Hawaiian food and culture with Joey. She comes from a big, tight-knit family and is really excited to start a family of her own. When it comes to relationships, Rachel is looking for an honest, gentle and supportive man with whom she can build a life. And when she's not working at the hospital, Rachel loves watching "Friends," reading Jane Austen books, and spending time with her loved ones. Rachel is totally wifey material. Let's see if Joey thinks so too.

Fun Facts:
• Rachel says there is NOTHING better than a Hawaiian Christmas.
• Rachel is terrified of frogs.
• Rachel's signature look growing up involved Bermuda shorts and feather earrings.