Registered Nurse/Allison's Sister
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bachelorette Biography

Lauren is the total package of brains, beauty and a hilarious personality. The nurse is especially passionate about her career and is the life of the party when she's not working. Lauren loves attending group fitness classes and music festivals in her free time. She is also very close with her family, including her sister, Allison, who is also vying for Joey's heart. Lauren loves a man who is motivated, funny, and with whom she feels safe. One thing Lauren can't stand is men with bad hygiene — she wants a guy who takes care of himself. She is a true romantic and thinks she's single because her standards are high. Let's see if Joey is the man of Lauren's dreams that she's been waiting for!

Fun Facts:
• Lauren is an avid voice texter.
• Lauren finds cleaning to be therapeutic.
• Lauren went through a serious punk phase, spikes and chains included.