Registered Nurse/Professor
Sudbury, Canada

Bachelorette Biography

Nat is beautiful, quirky and wildly accomplished. At only 26 years old, she's already earned her master's degree, become a professor and is a successful nurse. This small-town girl is ready for a new adventure and is hoping Joey is the perfect match for whom she's been waiting. Nat is the full package and wants a man with whom she can laugh, travel, and start building a life. One thing about Nat is that she REALLY values her beauty sleep and tries to get at least 12 hours a night (she can sleep for up to 17 hours, though!). The nurse loves to cuddle and get cozy with her man, so hopefully Joey is ready to drift off into dreamland with Nat.

Fun Facts:
• Nat likes to sleep in an ice-cold bedroom.
• Nat suffers from a severe case of FOMO.
• Nat believes that broccoli is the superior vegetable.