Character 101: Alex Karev

Character 101: Alex Karev

Dr. Alex Karev is an eager, talented and competitive surgeon on Grey's Anatomy who has done A LOT of growing up over the years. Check out the video above to travel back to 2005 and see the first time a young Karev met fellow intern Meredith Grey. Then keep reading to see more memorable Alex Karev scenes.

Karev vs. Grey: Quickly after that first meeting, things got even more complicated between Alex and Meredith. Watch the video below to see Derek break up a fight between the interns in this scene from Season 1, Episode 3: Winning a Battle, Losing the War.

Meredith Grey vs. Alex Karev|Watch a classic Season 1 moment of Grey's Anatomy!|Young intern Alex Karev thinks a lot of himself. Watch this classic Grey's Anatomy scene from Season 1, Episode 3: Winning a Battle, Losing the War to see Meredith Grey put him in his place. Who comes to the rescue and breaks up their fight? None other than Dr. Derek Shepherd!

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A Future in Pediatrics: As you can see in the above classic Grey's moments, Alex made quite a reputation for himself in his early years at Seattle Grace Hospital. But no one can deny that when it comes to dealing with kids, Dr. Karev is a total softie. His gift led him to a successful career in pediatric surgery. See where it all began in this scene from Season 6, Episode 8: Invest in Love!

The Beginning of Jolex: Alex, once notoriously known as a bit of a womanizer, hasn't had the best luck in the L-O-V-E department. Things changed when he met intern Jo Wilson. Before they were a couple, they were friends. Watch the classic Season 9 scene from Ben and Bailey's wedding where they compared their awful childhoods -- and Jo managed to surprise Dr. Karev.

Alex and Jo Compare Childhoods|Watch this classic Jolex moment from Season 9!|Before they were hot Grey's Anatomy couple "Jolex," Jo and Alex were friends. In this classic moment from Season 9, Jo and Alex trade stories about their awful childhoods. Watch Jo surprise Alex in this scene from Season 9, Episode 10: Things We Said Today.

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Three's a Crowd?: In the current season of Grey's Anatomy, the sparks continue to fly between Jo and Alex. However, Alex and Meredith's friendship is stronger than ever -- and Jo isn't thrilled about it. She confronts Alex in the below video from Season 11, Episode 8: Risk. What's next for Jolex? Watch all-new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c!

Jo Confronts Alex about Meredith|"She's always in our bed!"|Jo confronts Alex about Meredith and their very full house during the winter finale. Between Meredith in their bed and Arizona in their shower, they are never alone. Alex informs her that the house will remain open for anyone that needs it. But he does point out that being in bed with Meredith is not the same as being in bed with her. Watch this Jolex scene from Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 8: Risk.


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