Shark Tank Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

Shark Tank Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

What to get the dog for Christmas? Shark Tank entreprenuers love their pets as much as you do and came up with these nifty inventions to make life better for pups and their humans. Yappy Christmas!

Heart Pup: Lets you carry your small dog in a hands-free tote and look good while doing it. Choose from the patented scarf sling (made of Italian cashmere wool), luxe leather stud collars, cross body leashes, dog harness shirts, and more. More info:

Watch the pitch for the Heart Pup sling and Trixie the Chihuahua, who charms Robert Herjavec

Heart Pup's On Life Support|As Sharks drop out, little Trixie hopes her owner can still swing a deal.|As Anastasia Balyura does her best to talk her way into a deal, the Sharks start to feel like it might be a bit much to handle -- except for Daymond, but even he can barely get a word in. Oh, and by the way: Trixie's the dog's name. From Shark Tank's season 6 episode, "Week 2."

Ryan's Barkery: Treat your dog to grain-free, all-natural treats in the following flavors: Pumpkin-Apple, Cheddar or Peanut Butter. More info:

Kane & Couture: If money is no object for your furry friend, try these designer items, such as a golden "Goddess Collar" for $39 or a Pearl and Crystal Collar for $80. Aspen Sweaters are currently on sale for just $14 in a variety of colors. More info:

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