Character 101: Jo Wilson

Character 101: Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson was part of a fresh batch of interns who stood out to Dr. Alex Karev (even though he fought it hard) from the get-go on Grey's Anatomy. Jo had a rough childhood, but she turned out all right. Actually, she turned out to be a fine, caring doctor who is getting stronger and more confident every day. Check out some of our favorite memories of Dr. Jo Wilson below!

The Medusa Complex: The new interns believed Meredith to be a monster of mythic proportions. Bailey's impressed that her former student has struck such fear into her charges. Meredith chooses Jo to do the traditional solo intern appendectomy and must bail her out when things go south. Owen lets the crying intern know that Meredith isn't mean. She's a teacher. Let's take a look at how she teaches Jo when we first met her.

Princess Party: A frightened Jo gets to assist Alex as he pulls a baby through a difficult procedure. Now if she could just get him to stop calling her "princess." As for the patient, Jo is shocked at how indifferent the family is about the baby. She tries to forcibly stop them from abandoning the newborn. Alex later learns why. Jo is no princess. She's a survivor.

The Good Ones Are Still Out There: A beaten and bloodied Jo says she was arguing with boyfriend Jason (aka Chest Pecwell) when things got really bad. Alex convinces the chesty one that a guy who hits girls isn't the best person to be calling the cops in a situation like this. He returns home to let Jo know that he probably would have killed Pecwell if she hadn't hurt him first. She wants to know why he would do that for her.

Open House: Meredith has a chat with Alex about all the issues she's been having with Derek. It helps. Later, Alex lets Jo know that his house will remain an open one for anyone who needs to be there. He assures her that his being in bed with Meredith is not the same as his being in bed with her. Jo needs some convincing on that one.


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