The Glitter Report: Week 6 - Party Anthems Night

The Glitter Report: Week 6 - Party Anthems Night

Let’s party! Week 6 was all about all those fabulous rock anthems that folks like Redfoo of LMFAO made famous. So it was only fitting that he'd be a guest judge with his own color-coordinated paddles. He was looking for something to “rock his socks off!” Redfoo got his wish. Onto the highlights of the night as we pass the halfway point during Week 6 of Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars!

Confidence Crisis: It was a rough rehearsal week for Meryl and Maks, who was still upset that he was accused of “phoning it in” this season. He was down, but not out. See how his partner picked him up because, well, that’s what partners do.


Going for the Perfecto: Maks felt like they did all that they could the previous week and still only scored 9s. What more could they do? Well, they could do a perfect tango in the dance of the night.


We Got Chills, They’re Multiplyin’: Grease may be the word, but speed was the need for James and Peta with their quickstep The reactions were mixed from the judges with the overall consensus that James could have been a tad sharper with his footwork.


Light Bright is All Right: The ballroom went dark, but there were a couple of bright spots shining with a cha cha on the dance floor. Charlie and Sharna managed to go-go-go in the dark with their glow-glow-glow dance. Hit the lights and watch the show.


The Quotes Are In:

Redfoo (to NeNe after her salsa): “I say technical shmectical.”

Bruno (to Candace after her cha cha): “The thing is you’re sexy, you just don’t know it.”

Len (to James after his quickstep): “Speed came in and the style went out.”

Bruno (to Meryl after her tango): “It was like a face-off between two killers but you never knew who was going to be on top.”

Redfoo (to Drew after his tango): “It was pimp to the 10th degree.”

Carrie Ann (to Amy after her jive): “You had the best kicks and flicks I’ve ever seen out of anyone… Ever!”

No Need to Shout: Actually, there was an incredible need to “Shout” as Amy and Derek did a slick and sassy jive to the classic Isley Brothers tune. This was one fine way to end the party.


Highlights of the Night: We had to say goodbye to the life of the party, Mr. Monopoly himself, Drew Carey, said bye-bye to the ballroom. His humor and all-out enthusiasm will be missed. Now here’s a quick rundown of all the party anthem routines as the remaining team continue their quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy.


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