Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Returns: Meredith's Attacker Revealed in New Trailer

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Returns: Meredith's Attacker Revealed in New Trailer

There is NEVER a dull moment with our favorite hospital staff, and when Grey's Anatomy returns to the heated TGIT lineup on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11 8|7c, you can be sure that things will be even more chaotic than usual when a beloved character finds herself in a brutal fight for survival.

For a sneak peek of the dramatic return episode, watch the Grey's Anatomy trailer below, which shows Meredith calmly telling her patient to get back into bed, before things abruptly take a turn for the worse. Meredith is violently tossed around the room and ends up badly hurt after being attacked. Doctors – her closest friends and family – work frantically to revive her, but all signs indicate they may have to brace for the unthinkable.

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When Season 12 left off with the Winter Finale episode, "Things We Lost in the Fire," the hospital was overflowing with a large number of critically injured firefighters and everyone had to be on their toes – particularly Bailey who, as Chief of Surgery, was visibly overwhelmed by the pressure to rise to the occasion, despite reassurances from Webber.

Meanwhile, the bad blood between Riggs and Owen continued to flow and had everyone speculating why both men were at war with each other. The situation escalates when Owen's mother arrives at the hospital to check the status of her firefighter boyfriend, who is in bad shape and is being operated on by none other than Riggs. That doesn't sit well with Owen when he is finds out, and the two men come to blows over it. Later, both Meredith and Amelia exchange stunned glances when they witness the embrace between Owen's mother and Riggs, and they wonder how the two are connected. Meredith decides to investigate, but after she learns the truth from Owen's mother – her relationship with Amelia hits a snag when Meredith refuses to divulge what she knows.

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Things are still tense between Jackson and April after the ill-conceived night they shared together. April does her best to avoid Jackson because she senses that he's on the verge of breaking up with her; he becomes frustrated and forces the inevitable confrontation.

Maggie and Andrew are still enjoying their newfound intimacy, but in the midst of the giddiness, Maggie's struggle to keep things professional puts a damper on things and leaves Andrew a little sour.

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Jo and Alex are also not faring well, due to Alex's allegiance to Meredith, which Jo finds threatening and invasive. After an argument between the two at the hospital, Jo comes home to find a surprise waiting for her – but her reaction isn't what Alex was hoping for.


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By the end of the finale, we're left with a big reveal as Meredith poses a question to Owen... regarding his sister. The secret sister seems to be the key to the connection that everyone has been dying to figure out, but the pained look on Owen's face is proof that the answer will not be an easy one for him to share.

With so much left up in the air, the only way to satisfy your curiosity is to tune in when Grey’s Anatomy returns FEBRUARY 11 at 8|7c on ABC.

You can also catch up before the return with free full episodes, or read the Season 12 Winter Finale recap!

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