Mistresses Recap: Season 3 Episode 8 "Murder She Wrote"

Mistresses Recap: Season 3 Episode 8 "Murder She Wrote"

Welcome to Mistress Moments for the “Murder She Wrote” episode of Mistresses, which originally aired July 30, 2015. Here you’ll find a recap, highlights and, yes, spoilers, so check out all the hottest happenings below.

  Sneak Preview: Murder She Wrote

Picking up where things left off in “Best Laid Plans,” Joss is shocked to find a lifeless Luca at the bottom of the staircase at Calista’s place. She ends up covered in blood after a panicked reaction. She tries in vain to contact Calista and then Karen. No one is around. A distraught Joss showers all the blood off. Karen eventually returns home. Joss tells her that someone killed Luca. They call the police who confiscate the bloody clothes. Joss fears it looks like she killed Luca.

Calista is informed by Detective Libby Whitehead that her husband has been shot dead. She listens to a frantic voicemail message from Joss, but doesn’t return the call. Calista denies any knowledge of a plan to catch her husband cheating. Joss is called into the police station. She’s stunned to learn that Calista has claimed she had no idea about their plan.

Wilson calls Joss to arrange a meeting between her and Calista. The two ladies finally get together to talk about what went down. Calista offers to pay for a lawyer, but she doesn’t want to tell the truth. It would ruin her. Later, April suggests Calista could be the killer. Joss wonders if her friend is actually capable of such a thing.

Blair invites April and Lucy to join him to a Lakers game. The good news is that they have floor seats. The downside for April occurs when Blair reprimands Lucy sternly during the car ride. After the game, April confronts Blair about this. A frank discussion ensues. It ends with a passionate kiss. April isn’t in the kitchen the next morning when Blair pulls another disciplinary move on her daughter.

Harry does his best to hook up Marc with a sexy liquor saleslady named Ever. A late date is made. Harry offers up his place. Marc has the best sex ever with Ever. Well, not really. While basking in the afterglow, he’s disappointed when Ever seems more excited about having had sex in super chef Harry Davis’s bed. Marc ends up feeling as if he has no chance with a woman like April. Harry offers him a beer. Marc pauses for a moment before ultimately drinking it.

Karen lets Vivian know that she missed her while she was away. Neither she nor Alec mentions the interlude that occurred between just the two of them. However, Vivian catches sight of them having a serious chat on the front porch. She flat-out asks Karen if she had sex with Alec. This leads to some awkwardness. Vivian needs some alone time.

Karen walks in on a big blowup fight between Alec and Vivian. The complexities of their arrangement have taken a toll on all of them. Alec wants to end things with Karen, who believes she needs to bow out if their marriage has a chance to survive.


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