12 Days of ABC: Top Memorable Moments from Shark Tank Season 7

12 Days of ABC: Top Memorable Moments from Shark Tank Season 7

To celebrate the 12 Days of ABC, we’ve compiled highlights from this season of Shark Tank so far! A lot of pitches made it to the Tank in 2015. Guest Shark Ashton Kutcher made his first deal, Sharks went to the White House, and Jimmy Kimmel returned to pitch even more revolutionary ideas. Here's our gift to you: seven memorable moments from Shark Tank Season 7.

1. Guest Shark Ashton Kutcher Makes His First Deal

Season 7 started out strong with Ashton Kutcher making his debut as a Guest Shark on the Season 7 premiere episode. Not only did Ashton defend one entrepreneur from Kevin O'Leary's harsh critique, he also took the plunge and made his very first Shark Tank deal! Watch to find out which company Ashton invested in:


2. Jimmy Kimmel's Second Chance in the Tank

In Season 6, Jimmy Kimmel pitched his fashion-forward idea, Horse Pants, and accepted Robert Herjavec's offer of a $5 million investment. Unfortunately, the deal fell through when Jimmy requested the $5 million in cash. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host returns to the Tank in Season 7 for a second chance. He's back and ready to pitch more revolutionary business ideas to all the Sharks... except Robert.


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3. Barbara Corcoran Says There's No Crying in Business

When entrepreneur Mikki Bey of Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions starts crying, Shark Barbara Corcoran chastises her. "The minute a woman cries, you're giving away your power," she declares in Season 7 Episode 2.


4. The Sharks Join the Bubble Soccer Tidal Wave

Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec have a blast when they decide to test out Bubble Soccer, "a new sport that's sweeping the entire nation like a tidal wave," in Season 7 Episode 9.


5. Guest Shark Chris Sacca Is Not Impressed

When the creator of HotShot, Danny Grossfeld, tells the Sharks it took three years and over 1,500 variations before he reached the final version of his product, Guest Shark Chris Sacca is not impressed. "I can't tell whether you're pitching, or asking for therapy," he tells Grossfeld in Season 7 Episode 6.


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6. Kevin O'Leary Hates This Idea!

The Sharks get in a few chuckles at disposable sheet company AfreSHeet when it comes time to discuss the market, but Robert Herjavec sees potential applications for the idea of peel-away sheets on your bed. Kevin O'Leary, however, feels differently about the idea, and tells the entrepreneur to "shoot it, burn it, get rid of it, do something else with your time," in this moment from Season 7 Episode 8.


7. The Sharks Go for a Spin Around the Tank

The pitch for Leaux Racing Trikes grabs the Sharks' attention: "It's like a race car and tricycle had a love child!" Watch the hilarity that ensues when Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, and Kevin O'Leary test them out in the studio in Season 7 Episode 10.


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