The 12 Days of ABC: One Big Modern Family!

The 12 Days of ABC: One Big Modern Family!

To celebrate the 12 Days of ABC, we’ve pulled some of the top moments of the season from One Big Modern Family. A lot went down in 2015. Mitchell became a soccer coach. Alex left for college. Phil punched her boyfriend. Haley and Andy got together, then stayed apart, then got together, then… Well, you get the idea. Here are just a few highlights of the season from one, big, Modern Family!

Holiday Surprises: Lily thinks Manny and Luke are trying to scare her from inside the locked room. Once they appear in the hallway to ask Lily what she's talking about, she starts screaming because there may be a ghost in the room. Everyone comes over to see what's making the noise behind the door. Surprise!

Soccer Dad: After a poor first half of Mitchell's soccer coaching debut, mothers and nannies of the other players take away Mitchell's coaching responsibilites. With Cameron's help, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) is able regain his coaching position and coach the team to win the match.

Claire Won't Give Up: Claire tries to impress Alex and Haley at her workplace. Claire made all of the important choices and prepared a speech for Herm's retirement party. Unfortunately, Claire prepared the speech for the wrong Herm and immediately quits trying after she finds out.

Jay’s Junk: After refusing to open up about his feelings during the whole therapy session, Jay finally opens up about his childhood and his relationship with his father. Jay wonders if his father even knew that he loved him since he was never allowed to show his feelings.

Phil’s a Bad Boy: Phil rushes into Alex's room to save her from an unknown person in her closet. He attacks the person that turns out to be Alex's secret boyfriend, Ruben. Claire later tells Phil he's a "bad boy" because of what he did. We already knew that.

Luke’s Choice: Luke goes back to Alex's room to find gum to help freshen his breath for a possible makeout session with a cute college girl. Alex reveals that Sanjay broke up with her. She needs comforting. Will Luke give up his chance to lock lips with a lovely lady a few dorm rooms down?

Recipe for Success: Cam apologizes for his involvement in losing Gloria's family recipe. Gloria begins to remember each ingredient from familiar sounds from her childhood that includes gunshots.

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