The Bachelorette 2019 Recap, Week 7: Did Hannah Go Too Far with Naked Bungee Jumping?

The Bachelorette 2019 Recap, Week 7: Did Hannah Go Too Far with Naked Bungee Jumping?

The later you get into any season The Bachelorette, both the passion and the tension get turned up higher and higher. So when it turns out you've got a chance to get naked with the Bachelorette you're chasing, you're likely to take it. This week, Garrett had that opportunity with Bachelorette Hannah Brown, and he took it. And it wasn't a move that was particularly well-received in the house, especially by one Luke P. You can stream The Bachelorette 2019 Week 7 here on or in the ABC app, or simply just continue reading this Bachelorette recap for this week's highlights! 

Strip Down and Jump Out

After last week's challenging situation that led Hannah to question whether or not this show could even work for her, Hannah was back and ready to go. Still in Riga, Latvia, Hannah kicked things off with a 1-on-1 with Garrett, his first of the season. Hannah was ready to start fresh, and do something crazy to mark the occasion—bungee jumping. But even Hannah didn't realize just how crazy it was going to be. 

When they showed up, there was another couple bungee jumping. Naked. They made their way over to chat with our couple afterward, and, naughty bits still exposed, explained to Hannah and Garrett that naked bungee jumping was de rigueur around these parts. Did we mention it was snowing a little bit? 

Terrified and now without clothing, Hannah and Garrett did as the Latvians do:

No one died, everyone got their clothes back (other than the bra that was tossed in the river, we suppose), and these two lovebirds felt like the experience had brought them closer together. Garrett told Hannah he was falling in love with her, and got himself a rose for his trouble. The trouble, of course, had barely begun.

Luke Isn't Happy About Hannah Getting Naked

When Garrett told the group about his date, most everyone had a good laugh—except for Luke. Luke straight up didn't believe that it went down the way Garrett said it did. He couldn't believe that Hannah would want to be naked with Garrett. But when Hannah told the guys about it on next day's group date, Luke had his confirmation, and boy, he was not happy about it. "This is a woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I totally thought that was crossing the line," he said. Most of the other guys were laughing about it along with Hannah—she made it clear it wasn't sexual, it was about the experience—but Luke just couldn't get over it:

The group date goes well overall, as the gang cruises through Riga. They hit up a market, where they eat cheese, pickles, and dried fish. Basically everyone calls out the fact that it's more or less normal and everyone's focused on Hannah having a good time. Hannah agrees with their assessment, thrilled that the guys all did what she asked—drop the drama and make it all about their relationships—and says it's exactly what she needed.

But at the party that night Luke brings up the naked bungee date to Hannah by comparing it to being cheated on, and says it really pissed him off. She handles it really well, again reiterating that it wasn't a sexual thing, that it was about the daring, the experience of it all. Luke calms down and says, well, if you make boneheaded mistakes, we're gonna get through this…insinuating that was a "boneheaded mistake," we suppose. We'll circle back to that later.

Romance in Riga

Next up was Peter's first 1-on-1 date. Hannah and Peter have had great chemistry and some pretty hot makeout sessions. Their 1-on-1 is no different, as the two experience a Latvian cleansing ritual, which, like most spiritual endeavors, involves a lot of sage, a lot of sweat, and a lot of making out in a sauna. Peter likes Hannah's strength and confidence; she likes that he likes that. They discuss the ways Peter's career as an airline pilot can complicate relationships, but ultimately decide it's nothing they can't figure out together. He gets a rose, and heads back to the group. 

When he does, and regales the other men about their day of sacred smooching, Jed suddenly gets up. He's tired of hearing these other dudes yap about their romantic dates, and he's got something to say—or rather, sing—about it:

All in all, not a bad day for ol' Hannah on the romance front. 

To Judge or Not to Judge

Hopefully Hannah saved up all that romance so she could snack on it throughout the next day, because the last day in Riga wasn't sexy, like, at all. Remember when it seemed like Luke had called Hannah's decision to go naked bungee jumping with not-her-husband a "boneheaded mistake"? Well, so did Hannah. And the more she thought about it, the more she realized it didn't sit well with her. Luke doesn't own her, and she gets to decide what to do with her body, and she shouldn't be judged for that.

So Hannah finds Luke and confronts him about it. Luke is immediately on the defensive, backpedaling on the idea that he questioned her character and claiming that she misunderstood his words:

Hannah is already wondering whether or not she wants to continue her relationship with Luke. Every week she feels it's still pulling teeth to get him to be himself and be clear. Is she ready to send him home?

The guys are definitely ready for him to go home, as they grill him on what the talk was all about, and, as is now tradition, whether or not he was talking out of turn with Hannah regarding the other men. The guys keep mentioning Hannah's "stay in your own lane" comment, and everyone interprets, quite specifically, the way they think Luke is a bad driver, and they go back and forth a good long while, beating this metaphor to death, burying the body of this metaphor, and then setting its grave ablaze, to the point where Luke says "Yeah, don't text and drive" as a serious comeback to what is, remember, ultimately a relationship squabble, and you're forced to be like, "Yes, that is a reasonable thing to say in this situation."

As tempers flare and an assortment of vehicle code violations are bandied about, Chris Harrison enters and says the cocktail party is off, and it's straight to the Rose Ceremony once again.

And once again, it comes down to the final rose, but also once again, it goes to Luke. When she hands Luke the rose she says, "There's goodness inside of you. And I see that."

We'll see if that holds true next week on The Bachelorette 2019—a sneak peek of which you may watch right here:

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