Pet Portrait Entrepreneur
Dallas, Texas

Bachelor Biography

Spencer is a glass-half-full kind of guy. He oozes positivity in everything he does, from spending time with his family to running his own businesses. The entrepreneur's work is centered on pets and inspired by his adorable dog, Roux. When Spencer isn't working, he loves running, playing Catan with his friends, and traveling. Spencer is used to being the wingman for his buddies, but he's truly ready to find his person for life. This mama's boy is ready to leave the nest and is looking for a family-oriented woman who is optimistic, loyal, and loves his dog. Life is never boring when Spencer is around, and he plans to make the most out of every second he has with Jenn.

Fun Facts:
● Spencer recently hiked 47 miles through the Grand Canyon for 27 hours straight.
● Spencer loves watching and rewatching "The Office."
● Spencer ran two ultramarathons in the last year.