GH Recap: The Drama Between Lulu & Valerie Heats Up: Week of January 18th

GH Recap: The Drama Between Lulu & Valerie Heats Up: Week of January 18th

The week started off on a dangerous note! Valerie’s life is in danger as a fire threatens to engulf her. Lulu arrives and saves Valerie’s life but realizes she left her phone & keys inside the burning cabin, the two are stranded and in for a long night together. Meanwhile, Dante realizes Lulu was in cahoots with Johnny.

Lulu and Valerie survive their night in the cold but in the cold light of day, Valerie figures out that the Johnny Z “coincidences” were in fact set up by Lulu. Lulu denies vehemently but then Valerie pushes her enough for Lulu to admit she did do it, it was dumb, but she just wanted to get Val away from her husband. The seriousness of the ordeal getting to her, Valerie bull rushes Lulu and they fight in the snow.

Across town, Sonny and Alexis take Kristina out to a last dinner before she returns to school. Kristina is tight-lipped about her own situation, deflecting to the subject of Alexis’s engagement to Julian and wedding plans. Later, Kristina confides in Sam the truth that she was suspended after trying to use her feminine wiles to get a professor to inflate her grades. Sam advises Kristina to come clean.  Later, Kristina receives a text message from her professor, begging a call.

Back at the PD, triumphant Nathan has caught Johnny and brings him in. They try to get him to tell them where Val (and possibly Lulu) may be but he refuses to talk without a lawyer. He can’t afford one so the court has no one else to offer this morning besides Scott Baldwin. Scott gives cursory legal advice to Johnny that he refuses. He’s hauled off to Pentonville.

Ava and Olivia share a begrudging connection in a baby yoga class but afterwards, Lomax asks Olivia for help on a future fundraiser for the governor, here at MC Restaurant. Olivia is thrilled and casually begins to nurse Leo at the table. Lomax has an immediate and severe negative reaction to this and doesn’t let it go. To no one’s surprise, neither does Olivia and in her vehement reaction and defense of her right to feed her child wherever she chooses to do so, the argument heats up and Lomax’s security detail steps in, telling Olivia she is to come with them.

Later,  Julian and Alexis arrive at the Metro Court, where they are quickly interrupted by a call from urgent Olivia, who needs Julian to come take Leo… because Olivia’s been arrested for assaulting the mayor after breastfeeding in public. Alexis surprises both Julian and Olivia by announcing that because Lomax violated the law by arresting Olivia, they’re bringing suit against the city.

Meanwhile, Nina and Franco celebrate the success of the “green” issue of Crimson. Nina is excited over the latest sales numbers, and looks forward to giving a joint interview with Julian to a business publication. Franco leaves for work at the hospital, as the business reporter arrives. Nina is concerned that Julian hasn’t shown up, but the reporter decides to interview Nina alone. He asks Nina about the green issue… who spins that the decision was a purposeful one. When he asks how she intends to follow up, Nina babbles an answer about real people. Nina finally gets hold of Julian, who explains about Olivia being arrested as a result of her public breastfeeding… as we see Nina have a “lightbulb” moment. 

Later, Liz resents that Jason has recruited Sam to investigate the strange occurrences at her house.  She doesn't want Sam snooping around. Jason (and Sam) reason with her, pointing out that they are only trying to keep her and her family safe.  Liz relents; Sam checks around - but finds nothing unusual.  She accuses Liz of masterminding the incidents to keep Jason close by. Elizabeth loses it, goes after Sam.  Jason breaks it up. Sam goes. Liz asks Jason if he believes Sam's accusations.


Meanwhile, Liz takes Jake for an appointment with a child psychologist, thanks Kevin for recommending her. Kevin is glad that Jake is getting the help he needs… but is also concerned about Liz. He notes the toll recent events must have taken on her, and her history of mental breakdowns. He thinks she should take charge of her mental health before these events overwhelm her. The child psychologist emerges with Jake, as Liz sends him to play nearby. The psychologist notes that Jake seems very closed off, and as a way to get him to open up, she recommends art therapy. 

Meanwhile, Carlos finds Sabrina on a all with Felix. He quickly prompts her to hang up, explaining that using the phone can lead the police right to their door. Sabrina protests that Felix is her only link to her former life, but Carlos reassures her that she doesn’t need anyone but him. Sabrina agrees to look forward to the future with the father of her child, but worries that someone may find them. Carlos assures her that no one can. In other news, Nikolas proposes to Hayden! 



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